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The Millennial Mindset

Using Text Messages to Effectively Market to Millennials Written by: Sue LeClaire Bottom line, old school B2C marketing is not cutting it with Millennials. First rule of engagement: stop sending email blasts. They check email but nowhere near the same frequency as Instagram, Snapchat and SMS. In fact, email is the last place they’ll look for Read More

Mobile Millennials

Engaging with Mobile Millennials Written by: Joe Pappalardo Millennials: they’re between the ages of 20 and 34, wired, and comprise 25% of the U.S. population with over $200 billion in annual buying power. To get their attention you need to be fun, entertaining and original. If you want to build brand loyalty with Millennials, CodeBroker Read More

5 Ways to Improve the In-store Experience

Surprise & Delight Your Customers with an Exceptional In-store Experience Written by: Sue LeClaire You don’t have to be an early adopter to provide a unique mobile-first customer in-store experience. In fact, there are many relatively easy-to-integrate opportunities to interact with your customers via their mobile device – the one thing your customers always have Read More

5 Exceptional Holiday Promotions

Retailers Get the Most Out of Their Holiday Promotions Reward the Faithful on Black Friday Customers are standing outside your doors waiting to get in to begin their holiday shopping. Reward these enthusiastic consumers with a special incentive. Post signs directing consumers to text in to receive a mobile coupon good for today’s shopping trip Read More