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CodeBroker Awarded Patent to Deliver Multi-channel Mobile Coupons

by Dan Slavin

CodeBroker is uniquely positioned to help retailers deliver personalized, multi-channel mobile coupons.

Belmont, MA, September 1, 2015 – CodeBroker, developer of mobile marketing solutions for retailers, today announced that it was awarded its fourth patent (US PAT 9,015,277). The patent is related to the Codebroker mobile coupon platform in that it helps retailers minimize coupon fraud.

Specifically, Codebroker’s patented mobile coupon software enables retailers to deliver multiple copies of the same offer to a consumer via different delivery channels (e.g., SMS, Passbook, email, mobile web, etc.) that are associated with a consumer’s user profile. After one copy of the offer has been redeemed – presented during checkout either online or in person, the offer is marked as used in all of the channels.

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