Full Stack Java Engineer – Reston, VA

Full Stack Java Engineer

Are you a detail oriented software engineer with proven technical skills? If so, CodeBroker has an opportunity for you to work closely with our Founder/VP of Technology & Operations where you will be exposed to the latest mobile technologies including real-time messaging such as SMS and push notifications, mobile web, web services, location-aware web services, java application servers, and mobile applications running on iOS and Android. CodeBroker needs someone with full stack Java development skills and superior attention to detail to work with our VP of Technology & Operations.

Here is what a Java Engineer at CodeBroker will do:

  1. Participate in product design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, solution designs, and development schedules
  2. Analyze implementation choices for selected algorithms
  3. Implement real-time distributed services for CodeBroker SaaS solution
  4. Integrate third-party interactions via real-time API calls
  5. Evaluate emerging technologies as related to the evolution of the current CodeBroker system
  6. Conduct code reviews
  7. Evaluate, and optimize performance of various technology stack components
  8. No travel will be required

Here are the requirements:

  1. MS Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering (GPA 3.6+/4);
  2. At least four (4) years of programming experience in Java, Java Servlets, and Java Server Pages with application deployment on Apache Tomcat and MySQL.
  3. Must also have thorough understanding of advanced abstract data structures such as lists, queues, trees including the operations (e.g., insert, remove) with their corresponding computational complexities (e.g., big-O (1));
  4. Excellent knowledge of analysis of algorithms with emphasis on worst-case complexity and time/space tradeoffs covering general-purpose sorting (e.g., selection sort), traversal (e.g., breadth-first), search (e.g., binary search), and storage;
  5. Excellent knowledge of core Java 8, including available abstract data structures (e.g., HashMap), concurrency control mechanisms (e.g., Lock), memory management, security, object serialization and persistence via JDBC;
  6. Thorough understanding of application protocols, and integration interfaces such as HTTP, REST (JSON), and SOAP (XML);
  7. Experienced in the application of persistent queues for load balancing and error handling within a distributed system environment;
  8. Experienced in Java development for real-time systems with large data footprint;
  9. Understanding of different software development models with emphasis on iterative approaches such as Agile; and experience with Linux user, basic shell programming

Here's what makes you stellar

  1. Superb analytical skills
  2. Excellent communications
  3. Strong team ethic
  4. Attention to detail

The Benefits:

CodeBroker offers competitive salaries and benefits packages. As part of our team you'll spend your time solving challenging problems in a customer-centric environment with a team that always make the time for some fun. The company has a seven year track record of innovation, stability, and profitability.

The Company:

Retailers use CodeBroker's mobile marketing platform to enrich the customer experience and enhance brand loyalty. Our platform is used by the country's most recognizable retail brands. Through proven technology and superior customer service, we provide mobile solutions that are easy to deploy, highly-secure, and very scalable, allowing top retailers to turn mobile marketing into bottom line results. As the company rapidly expands, we are looking for highly motivated individuals to join our team.