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Omnichannel Mobile Coupons. Yes, it can be done!

Retailers Deliver a Superior Customer Experience with Omnichannel Mobile Coupons Written by: Dan Slavin There’s a subtle difference between the meaning of the terms multi- and omni-channel and a palpable difference between the amounts of work required to provide a multi- versus omnichannel customer experience. On the surface, both terms mean to provide customers with more Read More

The Retailer Ultimate Reward – Family and Friend Referral

Family or Friend Referral: The Retailer Ultimate Reward Written by: Dan Slavin The retailer ultimate reward is when a customer refers family and friends to a brand. The referral is testimony to both product value and the retailer-customer relationship. The retailer is considered a trusted source. So, what are some of the ways a retailer can embrace Read More

Moving from Engagement to Retention by Building Brand Affinity

  Building Brand Affinity Through Customer Engagement Written by: Dan Slavin Having successfully built brand awareness, the customer should now be engaged with the retailer. Generally speaking, engagement occurs when a dialog is established between the customer and the retailer. Because each brand is unique, each retailer will create a distinctive approach to engage with Read More

Creating Brand Awareness

Retailers are Accelerating Brand Awareness Using Mobile Written by: Dan Slavin Awareness is the process of creating brand awareness through mobile marketing practices culminating in the consumer signing-up for a retailer’s loyalty program. Today, it is not uncommon for a consumer to first learn of a retailer while searching online. According to a 2013 McKinsey & Company Read More

CodeBroker’s Success Reflects Growing Popularity of Mobile Coupons

Popularity of Mobile Coupons as Evidenced by CodeBroker’s Success Daily Insight | Sheryl Kingstone | January 21, 2014 Mobile coupons and marketing solutions provider CodeBroker recently revealed that it enjoyed stellar growth in 2013, increasing its overall revenue as well as the number of deals it delivered the shoppers’ devices and locations where they are accepted. According to Virtual-Strategy Read More

2014 Trends – Using Mobile Coupons to Improve Lift

Mobile Coupons Improve Lift & Customer Satisfaction Written By: Dan Slavin, CodeBroker Due to consumer’s continued appetite for discounts, coupon usage numbers significantly increased in the US. eMarketer revised their estimate to almost 103 million people, or 11%, of consumers who redeemed a mobile coupon in 2013, up from an earlier, more conservative prediction of Read More