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Mobile SMS – Interview with CodeBroker CEO/Founder Dan Slavin

The BarCode News recently sat down with Dan Slavin to discuss text messaging and how retailers can deploy this disruptive new technology to engage with consumers, a retailer’s customers. Based on a recent patent awarded to CodeBroker (PAT 9,015,277), BarCode News wanted to learn more about who uses CodeBroker’s award-winning technology and how long it takes Read More

Restaurants: Using SMS Marketing Lists to Drive Traffic During Off-peak Hours

Written by: Joe Pappalardo Every restaurant has a slow period. Often it’s the time between lunch and dinner or Tuesday evenings. In order to maximize revenue, your options are to either cut back on overhead or increase traffic during off-peak hours. Minimizing overhead can include measures such as: Shutting off appliances that aren’t needed to Read More

Personalized Text Alerts Build Customer Loyalty

Is it time to take the next step in customer engagement? Written by: Sue LeClaire Service Alerts enhance the customer experience through personalized messages. Existing CodeBroker customers use Service Alerts to inform consumers when orders are ready, loyalty status updates, Rx alerts/order is ready, credit card balances, or when someone has purchased something on their Read More