CodeBroker QR Code Marketing Platform

Bring high performance to your QR Code Marketing Campaigns

The CodeBroker QR Code Marketing Platform is a high-performance, enterprise class QR code marketing solution that makes the creation, launch and management of large-scale QR code marketing campaigns faster and easier, for more successful QR marketing campaigns.

CodeBroker adds intelligence to the QR code marketing workflow, to make the marketer’s job much easier, more productive, and accurate. We make this possible because CodeBroker is the only QR code marketing platform that solves two major QR marketing challenges.

The Marketer’s Challenge

When developing large-scale QR code campaigns, marketing teams face two big challenges, which often leads to campaign delays and errors:

1. Getting the correct QR code on the right package/sign

It should be pretty straightforward, but, in reality, it is complex, time-consuming, and prone to errors.

During the package/sign design phase, the designer typically receives an email with dozens of QR code files attached, along with some type of corresponding instructions for how to place the QR file on each package/sign to be designed (often an Excel spreadsheet). The project manager must create this spreadsheet and keep it up to date and the designer must spend inordinate amounts of time trying to decipher which QR code to use on each package/sign – which not only slows down campaigns, but also leads to the wrong QR code being designed onto a package. And, when codes change, it gets even more complex.

CodeBroker is the only QR code marketing solution that solves this problem…

With CodeBroker, each QR code file is automatically assigned a unique, descriptive name, which allows the designer to easily match each QR code correctly with the corresponding package design/sign file. This speeds up the entire process and ensures there are no instances of the wrong QR code being designed onto a package.

In addition, with CodeBroker, you can download a set of QR files, all descriptively named, into a single zip file, ready for sending to your designer with a single click, making it easy to email many QR code files all at once (no more downloading of individual files and then manually attaching them to an email or placing into a zip file), simplifying and speeding up the campaign development process.

2. During package/sign design review, there’s no way to confirm that each design has the correct QR code.

Once the package/sign designs are ready for review, each design file is typically printed in order to be proofed. The problem is that it is difficult for the reviewer to know if each package design has the correct QR code. That’s because there is no QR code file name on the proof to ensure that it contains the correct QR code. And since design reviews usually occur before the content that the QR code points to is ready, even if the reviewer scans the code to check that it points to the correct content, the page isn’t ready and the reviewer simply gets an error.

CodeBroker is the only QR Code Marketing solution that solves this problem.

With the CodeBroker QR Code Marketing Platform, you always know that you have the right code on the right package – each and every time. CodeBroker is the only QR code solution with QR Code Test Mode, which gives you a review page that each QR code points to, that includes the QR code file name, descriptive information about the code, and a link to the final content. So, as you proof the package design for accuracy, you will know that you have the correct QR code in place – even when the final content isn’t ready. Once your content is ready, you simply click a button to move from test mode into production and the QR code goes directly to your content – brilliant!

Enterprise-Class Features for the Largest Retailers

  • High-Performance, Enterprise Solution

    CodeBroker is designed to deliver the high performance that retailers need for large-scale QR code marketing campaigns. CodeBroker supports hundreds of scans per second, to handle your largest use-case scenarios.

  • Create Dynamic QR Codes

    CodeBroker’s QR Code Marketing Platform lets marketers easily create dynamic QR codes, which allows the QR code’s destination to be changed easily through CodeBroker’s marketing dashboard. This gives you the ongoing flexibility to alter the campaign to ensure that it stays relevant. In addition, it removes the need to have to re-design your packaging or sign.

  • Give Customers Multiple Ways to Access Content

    CodeBroker’s QR Code Marketing Platform is part of our Mobile Connect solution which enables you to use QR codes, short URLs, and text message keywords to access the same content. You can use one, two, or all three of these methods simultaneously and track all of them in a single report.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    After your campaign has launched, you can track campaign stats from the marketing dashboard, and quickly identify any changes in campaign performance. All information is presented in easy-to-understand charts.

    The CodeBroker QR Marketing Platform is also integrated with marketing analytics systems such as Omniture, and the connection can be activated without any programming skills.

  • Flexible Accounts

    You get flexible account options so that each team member can have his/her own account and manage the same/different QR codes/QR code programs for simple and effective team collaboration.

  • Personalized URLs

    Use your company’s branded URLs inside the QR code or in the associated short URLs.

  • The Best QR Code Marketing Support in the Business

    The CodeBroker QR Code Marketing Platform is super easy for marketers to use, but if you ever need help, you’re never on your own. Our support team can provide personalized support from an expert QR code project manager who works with you to ensure your success.

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