Eliminate Coupon Fraud & Liability

Eliminate Coupon Fraud Using CodeBroker’s Unique Security Model

You want to incent consumers to sign-up for your loyalty program and reward faithful customers through the use of rich digital coupons. But, you’re concerned about coupon fraud and the liability associated with delivering a generous offer.

CodeBroker, the leader in delivering secure one-time-use mobile coupons, provides a unique security model that minimizes your liability risk. Using CodeBroker, you can deliver high-value offers. Coupon fraud is eliminated because a customer will receive one and only one mobile offer regardless of the number of channels (SMS, mobile web, a retailer’s app, email, social, Apple Wallet, and even an online shopping cart) they use to view the digital coupon. Once the offer is redeemed, it expires in all of the channels.

The customer experience is further enhanced through the use of marked-as-redeemed. CodeBroker automatically updates a coupon after it has been used ensuring your customers will know not to present the mobile coupon a second time.

In addition, CodeBroker not only tracks the number of mobile offers issued, but who received it and in which channel it was delivered. Insight into the full life cycle of the digital coupon will provide you with invaluable data. This data will enable you to more effectively measure the success of your campaigns.