Digital Coupon Wallet


A Digital Coupon Wallet that Drives Direct Channel Revenue & Engagement

coupon walletCodeBroker’s Coupon Center is a complete digital coupon wallet solution that delivers an engaging consumer experience. Employing an easy-to-use campaign manager with a high performance content delivery engine lets retailers begin delivering offers to their mobile app in just days.

Using CodeBroker’s digital coupon wallet, our retailer customers see significantly higher redemption rates from in-app mobile offers compared to other channels. In addition, CodeBroker Coupon Center mobile offers are proven to drive direct channel revenue and improve the conversion rate.

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Easy to Interface with an Existing Smartphone App

In just a matter of days, you can deploy a fully functional digital coupon wallet through the use of well-documented APIs. You can easily integrate with mobile websites, marketing, CRM, and other enterprise systems. All services are supported in both real-time web services and batch API’s. Supported platforms include Android, iOS and Windows mobile.

Effortless offer set-up

Using CodeBroker’s Coupon Center, it only takes a matter of minutes to create, test and deploy offers in your digital coupon wallet. Key components of the Coupon Center include:

  • Campaign manager. An intuitive UI. It’s easy to incorporate any number of features to enrich the customer experience.
  • Test mode. Built-in promotion test methodology minimizes mistakes eliminating the “OOPS, this is what we meant to say” message.
  • Permission-based. Only people with the appropriate authority are able to access, test and approve promotions before they go live.
  • Budgeting. Limit coupon distribution based on a number of delivered offers, date and time, etc.
  • Comprehensive reporting. Track who received a mobile offer, who viewed it, and which customers redeemed a mobile coupon. A comprehensive picture of each campaign provides you with insight into the entire purchase funnel.
  • Redemption attribution. Compare in-app performance to other channels (SMS, mobile web, retailer’s app, email, social, Passbook, etc.) measuring coupon effectiveness in each of the channels it was deployed.

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Improve App Engagement

Aggregate all of the offers a consumer has touched into a single location providing immediate access to your mobile coupons. Your customers will be able to forego hunting through glove compartments, kitchen drawers or various mobile apps to find the appropriate offer for today’s purchase.

The CodeBroker solution comes with a comprehensive suite of features specifically designed to enhance customer engagement. Some of the options you have to choose from include:

  • Personalized offers. Each customer will receive targeted offers building brand loyalty.
  • One-time-use. When an offer is redeemed, it cannot be used again.
  • Location-based offers. Deliver mobile coupons using geo-fencing or customer check-in.
  • In-store traffic. Using beacons, surprise and delight your customers by delivering a unique offer when a customer pauses at an end cap display.
  • PUSH notifications. Alert your customers when new offers are available encouraging mobile app engagement.
  • Automated reminders. Notify your customers who have not yet redeemed their offer when it is about to expire creating a sense of urgency. Alerts can be delivered as PUSH, SMS or email.


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Designed to Grow with a Retailer’s Needs

The CodeBroker Platform will grow with your mobile app. Due to CodeBroker’s unique security model, you are able to deliver rich offers to your customers ensuring they will receive and redeem only one copy of each mobile offer. In addition, you have complete control over who has access to your offers. You can even pull an offer back if needed.

Your customer’s information is completely safe as the CodeBroker platform is highly secure. It is hosted in a PCI Level I, SSAE16 compliant data center including 7 x 24 monitoring and infrastructure management.