Endless Aisle

endless aisle

Extend the Aisle Providing Mobile Messaging Information to Your Customers

Using CodeBroker’s Smart Connect, you can deliver digital information via mobile messaging to consumers while they shop in-store. Information such as product reviews, extended warranty information, or customer comments and ratings is exactly the knowledge consumers want as they contemplate a purchase while shopping in your store.

CodeBroker’s Smart Connect supports the ability to share extended digital product information with your customers via SMS, QR codes, NFC tags, short URL’s, and beacons. Your customers only have to click, scan, bump, or be within range to access important product data as they research and compare product specifications and pricing.

By bringing consumers to your mobile content quickly and effortlessly using mobile messaging, you link your soon-to-be customer to the information they need to make a decision to buy while still on your premises. And, why not deliver a digital coupon good for that day only as an added incentive to close the deal.

Providing additional content to consumers will enable:

  • The ability to control comparison shopping by directing the consumer to your content.
  • Access to important warranty information – both manufacturer and store-based.
  • An increase in add-on purchases by delivering complementary merchandise. For example, a customer has paused in front of an end cap displaying bedroom linens. In addition to delivering product information such as the type of material (cotton versus linen) and thread count, you can also show her examples of matching bath accessories.
  • The consumer to buy from you while they are in your store by delivering an instant coupon.

Smart Connect is designed for retailers who manage large volumes of SMS keywords, QR codes, NFC tags, short URL’s, or beacons as a way to provide extended digital content via mobile messaging to consumers. CodeBroker has developed a robust solution to create, test, deploy, and track information that allows you to get the job done easily and efficiently.