Engaging new HCP’s

Pharma companies are often looking for health care professional (HCP) solutions to begin prescribing medication and increase new to brand prescriptions (NBRx). In addition, they would often like to gain real time patient insights on early product experience and encourage HCPs to expand prescribing.

Drilling down further on how to encourage new HCPs to prescribe, the requirements include covering no-access HCPs and/or white space with free trial, tightly controlling distribution, making the experience seamless for HCP's and patients, and delivering a HCP engagement solution that can work both virtually and in-person.

To encourage HCPs to expand prescribing medications, the requirements typically include compliantly sharing patient information with HCPs at an individual patient and aggregate level. For example:

  1. Via text and/or email
  2. Delivered from field teams
  3. Through real-world data generation and publishing

To meet these requirements, CodeBroker has developed a unique solution that allows a pharma company's marketing department to quickly (think seconds) enroll/activate HCPs while providing tight controls to ensure that participation is limited. The HCP then provides instructions to the patient either digitally or on paper, and the patient then uses CodeBroker's industry leading SmartJoin solution to quickly (again, think seconds) register on their mobile device and provide the required authorizations. After the patient receives their medication, they are automatically prompted to complete a survey on their mobile device. The survey results are then shared in a compliant, easily accessible way with their HCP and pharma company's marketing team. The pharmaceutical digital marketing team can gain many important patient insights including information on time to efficacy/level of efficacy, successes and challenges, satisfaction scoring, etc.

As mentioned above, HCP activation takes seconds with no action required on the part of the healthcare professional. CodeBroker's HCP engagement solution makes it easy for the pharma company to limit the number of HCP's and patients that can participate. Patient activation also takes just seconds and allows the pharma company to send adherence messaging to the patient in addition to surveys. Adherence messaging can incorporate simple to sophisticated journeys based on time, observed patient behavior, or transactional data and can deliver educational information, reminders, or even copay cards.

If you are looking for a novel approach for new and expanded prescribing and actionable early product experience insight, then contact CodeBroker today.