Mobile Marketers

Improve Foot Traffic and Brand Image

improve foot trafficThe number one job of a mobile marketer is to improve foot traffic and basket size. To be successful, you need the right tools to deliver and measure the desired results. Using CodeBroker’s mobile marketing platform, you can deliver mobile campaigns to your customers as well as track your marketing efforts.

CodeBroker’s campaign manager has an easy-to-use web-interface that allows you to quickly create and manage mobile campaigns. Whether you’re initiating a new campaign, sending an alert to remind your customers of an existing promotion, or providing additional incentives to get your customers excited about your brand, CodeBroker provides a comprehensive solution that lets you improve foot traffic, increase brand recognition, and build customer loyalty.

Quickly Build Campaigns

With just several clicks you can build, test and go live with a campaign within a matter of minutes. There is even a built-in approval process to ensure that nothing goes out that has not been reviewed. Promotion types include SMS messages, mobile coupons, PUSH notifications, sweepstakes, and more. In addition, CodeBroker has built all of the carrier logic into its system to ensure that your mobile programs meet current carrier guidelines.

Measure Campaign Results

CodeBroker’s SMS marketing service includes comprehensive reporting providing you with the crucial data you need – from call-to-action through redemption – to ensure that your numbers stay on-target. You’ll have a complete picture including who received promotion information, when it was viewed, and when it was redeemed. Once your campaign has been launched, you have access to a wide range of reporting features to track responsiveness and be able to compare costs versus budget.

Deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience

Another aspect of a mobile marketer’s job is to deliver a consistent customer experience across all mobile channels including SMS, mobile web, retailer’s app, email, social, Apple Wallet, and an online shopping cart. Your customers view information and mobile offers in various applications and expect it to look and behave similarly in each channel. Using CodeBroker, your team will deliver a unique and seamless customer experience every time.