5 Ways to Improve the In-store Experience

in-store experience

Surprise & Delight Your Customers with an Exceptional In-store Experience

Written by: Sue LeClaire

You don’t have to be an early adopter to provide a unique mobile-first customer in-store experience. In fact, there are many relatively easy-to-integrate opportunities to interact with your customers via their mobile device – the one thing your customers always have with them while shopping. Using mobile, you can improve the in-store shopping experience by making it:


As soon as a customer enters your store, acknowledge them with a mobile offer. Knowing that special offers are available as they begin their shopping journey with you will surprise and delight your customers resulting in increased basket size.

There are several ways to engage with your customers to deliver mobile offers:

  • Via your mobile app as customers check-in encouraging app usage,
  • Deliver a mobile offer based on a call-to-action, or
  • Provide a welcome offer when customers sign-up for your marketing program.

All three options provide an opportunity to let your customer know you value the time and money spent in your store.


Delivering a reward is even more meaningful if it is relevant to your customer’s interests and needs. Comb through past purchases and deliver a reward for frequently purchased items or complementary merchandise such as placemats and napkins that match recently acquired dinnerware. When in doubt, a general 5% SAVINGS towards today’s basket may be incentive enough to create a unique customer in-store experience.


According to Google Shopper Marketing Council, 30% of shoppers use their mobile device to locate information instead of asking a sales associate. Using QR codes or keywords, you can deliver important supplemental information to your customers regarding store policy, merchandise warranty, expert or customer recommendation, or companion products. Information your customers have immediate access to on their mobile device without having to stand in line.


Implementing beacons lets you respond to a customer’s location within a store for a rich in-store experience. For example, if a customer pauses in front of the frozen pizza case, deliver a message comparing nutritional value and cost of a name brand pizza versus the store brand. Or, if a customer is looking at party dresses for an upcoming event, send an image with matching accessories and where the accessories can be found to complete her outfit.


According to a study conducted by Cone Communications and Echo Research, 82 percent of U.S. consumers consider corporate social responsibility when deciding which products or services to buy and where to shop. The holidays are right around the corner and are the perfect time to support a local organization that helps others. Contribute a percentage of consumer’s purchases to the organization. For customers that want to stay informed, send alerts letting them know when major milestones are reached or how the funds raised are being spent.

Our retail customers have found that incorporating just one of the above suggestions will generate a 20% increase in basket size on average. More importantly, engaging with your customer improves the in-store experience. Customers will feel more connected with your brand nurturing loyalty and increasing life-time value.