eSampling Solutions

Mobile eSampling Solution

CodeBroker, the pioneer in eCouponing technology for the nation’s largest retailers, brings its single-use mobile coupon technology to pharma, to deliver a modern approach to Rx sampling for retail and specialty pharma products.*


Rx Sampling Programs

Increase trial and conversion with the power of connected mobile eSampling

Control - Ensure a maximum of one sample per patient and eliminate concern with storage and sample expiration.

Visibility - Gain unprecedented visibility into sales rep behavior, HCP behavior, and aggregate real-time connected patient data.

Reach - Offer sampling in offices with limited rep access, where physical sampling isn’t allowed and in white space areas.

Marketing - Send intelligent reminders to increase sample fulfillment and optionally send patient affordability offers.

Measurement - Powerful analytics tools that measure trial, conversion, sales rep impact, and more.

Influence - Communicate direct-to-patient earlier in the journey, pre-script, and open the door to connected ongoing interception and communication opportunities.

CodeBroker’s mobile e-sampling solution enables a modern customer-centric approach that aligns sampling programs with today’s consumer expectations, allows flexible initiation and execution options tailored to customer preference and utility, and provides a granular view into top-of-funnel performance and resulting impact.

CodeBroker’s eSampling and Patient Affordability Solution for pharma is built upon the proven CodeBroker technology platform. The CodeBroker platform is used by many of the nation’s largest retailers to create, deliver, orchestrate, and measure personalized coupon and text marketing programs for customer acquisition and retention.

*The CodeBroker Platform has 13 issued US patents and is patent pending for the eSampling and Patient Affordability Solution.

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