Mobile eSampling and
Patient Affordability Solution

CodeBroker, the pioneer in eCouponing technology for the nation’s largest retailers, brings its single-use mobile coupon technology to pharma, to deliver a modern approach to Rx sampling and patient affordability program operations for retail and specialty pharma products.*


Gain more control and connectivity

Expand program reach and utilization

Access unprecedented insights and performance metrics


Mobile eSampling

Increase trial and conversion with the power of connected mobile eSampling. Learn more here.


Patient Affordability

Deliver an unparalleled customer experience with a full view into each Tx journey stage. Learn more here.

Unprecedented Capabilities Available only from CodeBroker

  1. Connect and track the initial sample or voucher/bridge through conversion to co-pay.
  2. Achieve real-time visibility and end-to-end reporting on patient utilization and behavior, & sales rep and HCP behavior.
  3. Gain control over sampling distribution quality and quantities.
  4. Make it easy to sample all of the HCPs you want to be sampling.
  5. Meet your program volume projections and achieve your anticipated results.
  6. Make your programs easy and seamless for patients and HCPs.
  7. Connect the initial sample and early utilization of patient affordability programs into the broader Rx data sets.

    Digital solution that addresses the needs of the pandemic and the future “new normal.”

    No contact set-up, access and fulfillment.

    Integration into sales rep, HCP, and patient virtual experience.

    Works in hybrid environment: traditional + digital + telehealth.

    CodeBroker Access & Adherence Platform

    CodeBroker’s eSampling and Patient Affordability Solution for pharma is built upon the proven CodeBroker technology platform. The CodeBroker platform is used by many of the nation’s largest retailers to create, deliver, orchestrate, and measure personalized coupon and text marketing programs for customer acquisition and retention.

    *The CodeBroker Platform has 13 issued US patents and is patent pending for the eSampling and Patient Affordability Solution.

    Contact CodeBroker today to learn how we can help you move the needle and accelerate your patient affordability program results.