B2C Mobile Marketers

CodeBroker Improves Customer Engagement

Your number one priority is setting up and executing promotions designed to drive customer engagement. Whether you deliver simple SMS messages, enticing digital coupons, or create a sophisticated sweepstakes, the platform should be easy-to-use and support a variety of promotion types. A single go-to environment that will support all of your campaigns. Using CodeBroker’s mass text messaging service, you can set-up campaigns in just a matter of minutes and start your mobile marketing programs instantly. Program set-up and campaign deployment are fast and easy.

Using CodeBroker’s mass text messaging software, you can quickly build a marketing list and start delivering messages to your customers. You have complete control.

Easy to Interface Mass Text Messaging Service with Enterprise Systems

Integrating with your enterprise systems is easy as well (optional). CodeBroker’s mass text messaging service effortlessly interfaces with websites, CRM, marketing automation, and other enterprise systems through the use of real-time and batch API’s. Interfacing with your customer’s mobile channels takes no time at all. You can deliver mobile coupons via SMS, mobile web, your mobile app, email, social, Apple Wallet, as well as an online shopping cart providing a uniform customer experience.

Comprehensive Reporting


CodeBroker’s mass text messaging service built-in reporting lets you monitor campaign response rates in real-time providing accurate and up-to-the-minute results. You are able to track who received a mobile offer, who viewed it, and which customers redeemed a mobile coupon. A comprehensive picture of each campaign provides you with insight into the entire purchase funnel.

Key capabilities include:

  • Intuitive text messaging UI that requires no technical training or prior mobile experience.
  • Ability to identify and track multiple ways your customers can sign-up to a marketing program (e.g., magazine ad, email message, in-store signage, etc.).
  • Based on user permissions so that multiple people within an organization can create and execute programs while still maintaining quality control.
  • Closely manage campaign expenses with built-in budget capabilities.
  • Minimize the ability to deliver errant messages to your customers using CodeBroker’s campaign manager authorization capability.
  • Eliminate the need for carrier experts with built-in policy compliance and templates for SMS campaigns.
  • Customers decide when to receive alerts using CodeBroker’s mass text messaging service preference center.
  • Highly scalable messaging system capable of supporting hundreds of messages per second.