Mobile Engagement Platform

Mobile Engagement for the B2C Enterprise

The CodeBroker Mobile Engagement Platform is the foundation of each of our mobile engagement solutions: Text Message Marketing Software, Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine, Mobile Coupon Promotions, SmartJoin SMS Subscriber List Sign-Up, MyOffers Mobile Coupon Wallet, and QR-Code Marketing.

The CodeBroker Mobile Engagement Platform adds three enterprise-level technology components to each CodeBroker mobile engagement solution:

  • Omnichannel Mobile Engagement, for mobile marketing and mobile loyalty programs across all mobile channels.
  • Content Management Center, to deliver personalized content across a wide range of communications deliverables and channels.
  • Compatibility, with your internal systems: CRM, loyalty, analytics, POS and more.

The CodeBroker Mobile Engagement Difference:

  • SMS Coupon Promotions – There are coupons and then there are COUPONS. The big ones. The kind that get the click, the sign-up, and drive people into your store and filling their carts. Our SMS coupons are solidly built to be one-time-use. No tricks or hacks. You can offer that big offer with confidence.
  • Personalization – It’s not just about adding a name to your mobile marketing programs. It’s about providing relevant, useful content to your customers. We can work with your data, and data that we collect, to make sure customers are receiving the content that will get them buying.
  • Automation – You can automate your mobile campaigns to run automatically based on what CodeBroker learns through coupon interaction, redemption, and other data fed into the system.
  • Superior Support – This isn’t just about getting timely answers on how to use the platform. Our entire company is devoted to your success. We go beyond answering your user interface questions and provide our well-honed expertise in mobile marketing to keep your projects on track. It’s just how we do business.
  • Technical Expertise – CodeBroker is a SaaS system and can be up and running in a day. It has an easy-to-use interface and gives you the power to create campaigns in just a few minutes. (We’re talking single digits.) The platform is highly scalable too, allowing your marketing solution to grow with your business.