Loyalty Marketers

Build a High Quality Mobile Loyalty Program

Given consumers propensity to keep their mobile devices with them at all times, mobile is the perfect channel to engage with your customers through a mobile loyalty program. It begins with creating a compelling offer incenting shoppers to join. Signing customers up could not be easier using CodeBroker’s mobile loyalty program sign-up capability, Smart Join.

CodeBroker works closely with our retailer customers as they build high performing marketing lists. With over eight years of experience working exclusively with retailers, CodeBroker actively shares best practices ensuring success as our retailer customers engage with consumers through creative campaigns and incentives.


The CodeBroker campaign manager contains a breadth of options enabling an outstanding customer experience. Finally, you’ll have the ability to track sign-ups through comprehensive reporting ensuring your numbers stay on course.

CodeBroker retail customers have been able to sign-up new customers at a rate of up to 25,000 per day over a sustained period of time with an 80+% completion rate (percent of customers who fill out the form and click Submit). Smart Join supports the ability to capture as much (full CRM record match) or as little (mobile device number) customer information as needed. Due to the CodeBroker Mobile Coupon Platform’s unique security model, customer mistakes are minimized while you deliver rich incentives to customers who sign-up to your mobile loyalty program. Incorporating CodeBroker’s one-time-use feature, your customers will always receive the same mobile coupon in all of the channels it is delivered (SMS, mobile web, retailer’s app, email, social, Apple Wallet, or online shopping cart). Once the mobile coupon is used, it simultaneously expires in all channels.

Once customers have signed up to your mobile loyalty program, you can continue to use CodeBroker to keep your customers engaged through campaigns, mobile coupons, additional rewards, and program information such as when your customer’s loyalty program status changes to a new level or additional points have been earned.