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How To Evaluate SMS Marketing Solutions


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Drives Visits & Increases Order Size

For many restaurateurs, mobile coupons are good business. Consumers routinely search for them, your competitors use them, and they really do drive traffic to locations and increase order size. As the mobile phone is quickly becoming a central hub, using mobile marketing software for restaurants to deliver mobile coupons to a consumer’s mobile device is the obvious next step in customer engagement.

Depending upon the optimal customer experience you would like to create, CodeBroker has you covered:

  • In-app – Improve app engagement and increase your audience size by delivering in-app restaurant mobile coupons to your customers.
  • On-demand – Drive restaurant visits and order size using instant offers. Redemptions for on-demand restaurant mobile coupons are unparalleled.
  • In-person – Enhance brand loyalty by delivering rewards and coupons to customers on your SMS marketing list.

Mobile Marketing Software for Restaurants: In-app Mobile Coupons

As a restauranteur, you’ve invested a lot of resources into developing a mobile app – the go-to place for your most loyal customers to find convenient locations, menus, and to place orders. It should also be a central place your customers visit to quickly locate and redeem your coupons.

CodeBroker customers see significantly higher redemption rates from in-app mobile coupons compared to other channels. In addition, mobile coupons are another reason your customers will regularly engage with your mobile app to see what’s new and exciting.

CodeBroker’s Coupon Center is a complete solution that delivers an engaging consumer experience, easy-to-use campaign manager, and a high performance content delivery engine that lets restauranteurs begin delivering restaurant mobile coupons to their mobile app in just days.

Click on Coupon Center for Restaurants to download the data sheet.

Mobile Marketing Software for Restaurants: On-demand Mobile Coupons

Retailers routinely see redemption rates between 30-50% and up to 80% with CodeBroker On-demand promotions.

Using the CodeBroker mobile marketing software for restaurants platform, you can set up mobile campaigns and make them available to your customers within minutes. In addition, you decide where the offer will be valid: nationally, regionally or locally.

Tracking your marketing efforts from call-to-action through redemption is just as easy. You’ll have a complete picture of your campaign using CodeBroker’s mobile marketing solutions to track who received your restaurant mobile coupon, who viewed it, and who used your digital offers.