Mobile Marketing Strategies that Drives Traffic

Strategies that Drives Traffic to Retail Locations

mobile marketing strategies couponThere’s no question the most effective way to get people through your front door is to deliver promotions redeemable in-store. Consumers love deals almost as much as their mobile device. Creating effective mobile marketing strategies designed to deliver digital coupons to your customer’s mobile devices is the win-win to which retailers aspire. CodeBroker’s retailer customers routinely realize 30-50% redemption rates for on-demand mobile coupons, up to 10% redemption rates for offers sent to marketing lists, and on average, between 8-10% for mobile offers available from the retailer’s smartphone app.

An additional benefit of delivering mobile coupons to a retailer’s mobile app is increased smartphone-app engagement. CodeBroker has seen 30% of mobile app consumers regularly view the mobile coupon from within the retailer’s mobile app.

Platform Support

Using the CodeBroker platform, retailers deliver digital coupons to their customers through a number of channels such as a smartphone-app, SMS / mobile web, mobile email, Apple Wallet, and Facebook. CodeBroker’s one-time-use, unique security model provides retailers with a wealth of multi-channel coupon delivery and redemption data allowing retailers to maximize mobile engagement.

Mobile Promotion Support

In addition to delivering mobile coupons, you can create and deliver all types of engaging campaigns – everything from personalized promotions, to persuasive SMS messages, to sweepstakes/instant win. Our easy-to-use campaign manager lets you start your mobile marketing programs instantly. Program set-up, testing and deployment are fast and easy with no system integration required.

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Retailer Support

Partnering with CodeBroker, our retailer customers implement thoughtful mobile marketing campaigns that realize significant payback. Working exclusively with retailers for more than eight years, we collaborate with our customers sharing best practices ensuring their success. For example, successful mobile marketing strategies are dependent on several factors. Namely, the value of the offer, the level of consumer engagement with the brand, the sense of urgency the retailer creates with the promotion, and the mobile coupon delivery channel all play a role in the level of ROI the retailer experiences.

CodeBroker helps retailers get the most out their mobile marketing strategies by building best-in-class campaigns that increase both foot traffic and basket size.