Improve the Customer Experience

Mobile Offers are Guaranteed to Improve the Customer Experience

mobile offersEnriching the customer experience lets you build a stronger connection with your customers. Using the CodeBroker mobile offers platform, you will be able to deliver personalized information and rewards securely via your customer’s designated delivery channels creating a rich and unique customer experience.

Personalizing the customer experience is the next step in revolutionizing how retailers interact with their customers. Segmenting your CRM and providing mobile offers is one way to engage your customers. Messages such as “Dan, your Rx is ready for pickup at the 6th & Broadway store” or “Stephanie, Payson’s milk and salmon are on sale this week” provide the personal connection that allow the retailer to rise above the noise. Or, the ability to provide mobile offers with extra savings during each state’s tax free holiday creates a more meaningful brand experience for your customers. Additional forms of personalization include letting customers determine when and in which channel to receive messages or deliver messages with information applicable only to them. For example, deliver monthly rewards points balance to each of your customers subscribed to the loyalty program.

Delivering a true omnichannel experience can be challenging. Mobile offers should both look and behave the same whether they are viewed in SMS, mobile web, a retailer’s app, email, social, Apple Wallet, or an online shopping cart. And, if a mobile coupon has been redeemed, it should simultaneously expire wherever your customer viewed the offer. Providing a consistent experience across all channels ensures improved customer engagement that translates to increased foot traffic and basket size. CodeBroker is the industry leader in providing the same secure offers in all channels.

CodeBroker retailer customers deliver an outstanding mobile experience based on a comprehensive suite of capabilities built into the CodeBroker’s mobile marketing platform that retailers can choose from to implement:

  • Location-based mobile offers.
  • Support for beacons, SMS keywords, QR codes, NFC tags and short URLs.
  • PUSH notifications.
  • Automated reminder messages alerting your customers when an offer is about to expire.
  • Rolling expiration dates for mobile offers.
  • Mark-as-redeemed.
  • Passbook support including dynamic Passes.