Omnichannel Mobile Marketing Platform

CodeBroker is an omnichannel mobile marketing platform built to meet the needs of retailers. Our enterprise solution delivers personalized content via one-time use mobile coupons, a branded digital coupon wallet, and text message marketing.

Here’s what that means.

  • We don’t limit you to one tactic. CodeBroker campaigns can be built to include multiple channels, providing you with more marketing power.
  • You can reach customers where they are – on their smartphones. The CodeBroker platform can deliver your campaigns via SMS message, your mobile app, payment wallets, and social outlets.
  • Our platform allows you to automate your campaigns based on customer behavior, driving results with relevant, personalized content.
  • The platform includes powerful, real-time data analysis tools so you can see the success of your campaigns.

The primary components of the CodeBroker platform

  • One-time-use Mobile Coupons
  • “My Offers” branded Coupon Wallet
  • SmartJoin Simplified Sign Up for SMS list growth, CRM record collection, and loyalty programs
  • Text Message Marketing

What Makes CodeBroker different:

  • One-time-use coupons – There are coupons and then there are COUPONS. The big ones. The kind that get the click, the sign-up, and drive people into your store and filling their carts. Our mobile one-time-use coupons are solidly built to be one-time-use. No tricks or hacks. You can offer that big offer with confidence.
  • Personalization – It’s not just about adding a name to your marketing programs. It’s about providing relevant, useful content to your customers. We can work with the data you provide and data we collect to make sure customers are receiving the content that will get them buying.
  • Automation – You can automate your campaigns to run automatically based on what CodeBroker learns through coupon interaction, redemption, and other data fed into the system.
  • Superior Support – This isn’t just about getting timely answers on how to use the platform. Our entire company is devoted to your success. We go beyond answering your user interface questions and provide our well-honed expertise in mobile marketing to keep your projects on track. It’s just how we do business.
  • Technical expertise – CodeBroker is a SaaS system and can be up and running in a day. It has an easy-to-use interface and gives you the power to create campaigns in just a few minutes. (We’re talking single digits.) The platform is highly scalable too, allowing your marketing solution to grow with your business.

How can you use the platform?

  • Send one-time-use mobile coupons
  • Deliver transactional text messages
  • Quickly build your loyalty program or SMS marketing list
  • Create and send (even automate) relevant, personalized offers and coupons for your customers

The results?

  • Engaging your customers where they spend their time – on their mobile phones
  • Increasing basket size
  • And undeniable impact on revenue. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one of our customers says: “If we’re having a slow month, the CodeBroker Platform is our CEO’s go-to choice to get our numbers back on track.”