CodeBroker Makes it Easy for Retailers to Add Loyalty and Coupon Programs to Apple’s Passbook

New CodeBroker Solution Services for Passbook is the First Product that lets Retailers Immediately Take Advantage of Apple’s new Pass Organizer Application

Belmont, MA, Sept. 19, 2012 — CodeBroker today announced the availability of its Solution Services for Passbook, a set of web-based tools that makes it easy for retailers to Passbook-enable their loyalty, coupon, and gift card programs.

CodeBroker, which provides a mobile shopper marketing solution that is currently used by two of the three top U.S. retailers, has added a set of web services and a web-based control panel to make it fast and easy for retailers to immediately take advantage of Apple’s Passbook application for iOS 6, released today. Passbook is designed to serve as an organizer for all types of “passes,” ranging from loyalty cards to boarding passes to gift cards to coupons.

Retailers can immediately Passbook-enable their loyalty programs with simple calls to CodeBroker’s Solution Services for Passbook, allowing customers to load “live” versions of loyalty cards into Passbook. CodeBroker Loyalty Services for Passbook provide retailers with a number of features to improve customer satisfaction and retention:

  • Fully branded Passbook loyalty cards
  • Images that can be updated when program branding changes
  • Display point balances and other messages such as “10 points to go until Gold”
  • Cards can automatically appear when customers enter a store
  • Retention reporting

For coupon programs, CodeBroker offers the most sophisticated solution on the market. Today, CodeBroker mobile coupon solutions are used in more than 17,000 retail locations. CodeBroker Coupon Services for Passbook lets retailers incorporate their coupons into Passbook, and provides a number of unique features:

  • One-time use coupons
  • Rolling coupons
  • The ability to mark used coupons as redeemed
  • Automatically expire coupons

CodeBroker Gift Card Services for Passbook enable retailers to easily make their gift card programs part of Passbook. Features include:

  • Fully branded passbook gift cards
  • Multiple images for Passbook gift cards to mirror a variety of branded cards
  • The ability to display card balances to enhance customer experience
  • Cards can automatically appear when customers enter a store
  • CodeBroker’s datacenter is PCI compliant ensuring the highest level of security

A key benefit of CodeBroker’s Solution Services for Passbook is its Web user interface, which makes it easy for retailers to control the end-user experience, and content they deliver through gift cards, loyalty cards or coupons. We are excited to support Apple’s Passbook, a great product that will enable consumers to easily organize and use all of their cards,” said Dan Slavin, CodeBroker’s CEO. “The CodeBroker solution services for Passbook are available today, provide a unique end-to-end solution, and are designed so that retailers can have an initial solution up and running in days, with minimal effort from their web development and IT teams.” CodeBroker’s Passbook Solution Services are available today.