CodeBroker’s QR Code Management Platform

CodeBroker’s Solution Turns Shoppers into Customers

qr code managementIn addition to figuring out how to get consumers to your brick and mortar locations, you need to effectively engage with them once they arrive. Imagine a consumer intent on using your store as a showroom. The consumer locates the product they wish to purchase, reads the reviews, compares prices, and then potentially purchases it online somewhere else.

qr code management quoteThe CodeBroker QR code management platform is a comprehensive and easy-to-implement solution. Everything you need to effectively execute and monitor experiences designed to engage your customers.

Using CodeBroker’s QR code management platform, you have an opportunity to turn the entire experience around. Using QR code management software, your customer enters your store and scans the code of the product they wish to buy. Next, CodeBroker’s QR code management platform directs the customer to your website where they can access information you supply such as, comparison data, ratings, best sellers, videos, etc. In addition, why not offer a one-time-use mobile coupon for that day only encouraging purchase of the product while they are still at your location?

Increase the Conversion Rate with QR Codes

CodeBroker retailer customers turn qualified prospects into satisfied customers by delivering the content consumers need to make a buy decision. By bringing consumers to your website quickly and effortlessly via their smartphone, you link your soon-to-be customer to any number of capabilities including web content, email, messaging, and a web browser providing you with an opportunity to continue a more targeted offer.

Additional ways to use CodeBroker’s QR code management platform to enhance the shopping experience include providing product origin information. For example, identifying where a food item was grown or directing customers to exact part and location information in the case of hardware or auto parts stores. Providing the content your customers are eager to locate will enable you to:

  • Control comparison shopping as you publish product reviews.
  • Deliver all pertinent information such as warranty information – both manufacturer and store-based.
  • Incent the consumer to buy from you while they are in your store with instant offers.

Retailers who implement comprehensive campaigns using CodeBroker’s QR code management platform drive sales and create a positive shopping experience for their customers, turning scans into purchases.

CodeBroker’s QR code management platform is designed for retailers who manage large volumes of QR codes. We’ve created a robust capability you can use to quickly and effortlessly create, test, deploy, and track information.