SMS Marketing Services Software

Text Messaging Software that Lets Retailers Creatively Engage with Their Customers

Using CodeBroker’s SMS marketing solutions, you can deliver instantaneous text messages to all or
a targeted subset of your customers. Whether you’re reminding them about the final days of an
existing promotion or introducing a new campaign, you will be able to readily connect with your
customers keeping them in the loop.

CodeBroker’s SMS marketing software requires no technical training or prior mobile experience.
Anyone can initiate their first campaign in minutes and start measuring results immediately. Our
easy-to-use platform lets you spend more time focusing on engaging with your customers and less
time on campaign set up. Using CodeBroker’s Campaign Manager, multiple promotions can be
quickly created and deployed while maintaining quality control over all campaigns.

Marketing Alerts

Allow you to readily communicate with your customers. Through the use of Marketing Alerts, you
will be able to build mobile subscription lists extending your reach. In addition, you can share
important brand information via CodeBroker’s SMS marketing software with your customers:

  • Communicate appealing content such as, weekly ads, daily specials, new
    product availability, and mobile coupons.
  • Promote contests including text-to-win designed to create awareness
    and entertaining ways for customers to interact with your brand.
  • Learn more about your customers through polls and voting.

Service Alerts

Enhance the customer experience through personalized SMS marketing services. Existing CodeBroker retailer customers use Service Alerts to inform consumers when orders are ready, loyalty status updates, Rx alerts/order is ready, credit card balances, or when someone has purchased something on their behalf in the case of a gift registry, and more. Messages can be delivered in both real-time (Your prescription refill is ready for pick-up) and batch (Congratulations! You just reached Gold level), whichever method provides the optimal customer experience.

Smart Connect

Provides an easy way for your customers to request extended digital information such as,
reviews, product specifications or additional online selections while they shop in-store.
Integrated reporting tracks customer click-thru’s and requests providing a complete picture of
which products are of most interest at any given time. You can use CodeBroker’s SMS marketing
software to connect with your customers through text messages, QR codes, beacons, NFC tags,
or short URLs to obtain additional information improving their in-store experience.