Experience Mobile Marketing Personalization

CodeBroker puts the power of personalization to work for you.

Personalization. Segmentation. Localization. No matter how you phrase it, shoppers want content, mobile coupons, and text message marketing offers that relate to their needs. This isn’t just putting a customer’s name in a generalized message. It’s about responding to their behavior and needs in order to increase frequency and basket size. With CodeBroker’s mobile engagement platform, you can build and automate mobile marketing programs that capitalize on the information you learn about your customers.

Use CodeBroker to

  • Deliver SMS coupon promotions based on redemption data
  • Create an interactive nurturing loop post-redemption (even include a survey or obtain a Net Promoter Score)
  • Build and send text message marketing campaigns based on relevant data you’ve collected from previous customer interactions
  • Send expiration reminders and follow-on offers through your branded coupon wallet or mobile payment wallets

With redemption data fed into our mobile marketing platform, you can use our tools to easily segment and build personalized, relevant offers. Or bring your own segmented lists to the platform to send out your coupons and SMS marketing. You can even automate your campaigns to run automatically based on what CodeBroker learns through coupon interaction, redemption, and other data fed into the system.

The CodeBroker mobile marketing platform delivers your personalized one-time-use coupons and marketing content via text message or straight into your mobile app. It’s the perfect balance of personalization and automation, giving you the top line results you want.