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CodeBroker’s Success Reflects Growing Popularity of Mobile Coupons

by Dan Slavin

Popularity of Mobile Coupons as Evidenced by CodeBroker’s Success

Daily Insight | Sheryl Kingstone | January 21, 2014

popularity of mobile coupons

Mobile coupons and marketing solutions provider CodeBroker recently revealed that it enjoyed stellar growth in 2013, increasing its overall revenue as well as the number of deals it delivered the shoppers’ devices and locations where they are accepted.

According to Virtual-Strategy Magazine, CodeBroker delivered 85 million scannable mobile coupons to consumers for total estimated savings of US$55 million in 2013. Overall, the company noted, it has delivered more than 150 million such deals since its service went live. Furthermore, more than 25,000 retail locations now accept CodeBroker’s mobile coupons, which is an increase of 25 percent compared to the same time last year. The company enables retailers to set up and deliver coupons to devices, while also providing “a complete picture of their campaigns” to track their effectiveness. Moving forward, CEO Dan Slavin said, CodeBroker will “continue to develop and deliver products that let retailers strengthen customer loyalty through these platforms.”

Yankee Group Research Director Sheryl Kingstone comments

“Mobile coupons are the gateway toward building better relationships with customers and improving mobile customer engagement rates. Companies are investing in mobile coupon programs because they are good for consumers since they ease the redemption process, while also getting consumers used to leveraging their phone in a transactional setting. They’re also good for loyalty since they encourage repurchase potential while also garnering close rates of anywhere from 8 to 40 percent, which is much higher than traditional e-mail marketing.”

CodeBroker has Record 2013; 75% Revenue Increase, 85 Million Scannable Mobile Coupons Delivered and 25% Increase in Retail Locations to 25,000

by Victor Flueras

Belmont, MA, January 21, 2014 – 2013 was a record year for CodeBroker, as the developer of shopper marketing solutions that strengthen the retailer-consumer relationship experienced 75% revenue growth, as well as increases in the number of retail locations it serves and scannable mobile coupons delivered.

CodeBroker last year delivered more than 80 million scannable mobile coupons that resulted in an estimated $55 million being saved by consumers. The company has delivered more than 150 million secure, scannable mobile coupons since its solution first became available.

Nearly 25,000 retail locations now support CodeBroker’s scannable coupons, a 25 percent increase over the previous year. Some of the largest retail chains in the country are partners with CodeBroker.

CodeBroker lets retailers setup and deliver smart coupons to mobile devices in minutes, and provides a complete picture of their campaigns, enabling them to track who received promotion information, who viewed it, and who used a coupon. CodeBroker’s unique ability to deliver secure one-time-use coupons guarantees each consumer receives a unique offer that can only be used one time. Once a coupon has been redeemed, it is no longer valid across all delivery channels, whether it be a smartphone app, SMS, email, Facebook, or Passbook.

“Our growth continues to be driven by our ability to meet the mobile marketing needs of some of the country’s best known and most popular retailers,” said Dan Slavin, CodeBroker CEO. “There is no turning back from digital and mobile and we will continue to develop and deliver products that let retailers strengthen customer loyalty through these platforms.”

Mobile coupons continue to surge in popularity. A 2013 Business Insider report projected that in 2014, 47.1 million U.S. smartphone users will use mobile coupons, up from 7.4 million in 2010. The report also notes that 41% of mobile coupon users redeemed coupons at grocery stores, 41% at department stores and 39% at clothing stores.

2014 Trends – Using Mobile Coupons to Improve Lift

by Dan Slavin

Mobile Coupons Improve Lift & Customer Satisfaction

Written By: Dan Slavin, CodeBroker

Due to consumer’s continued appetite for discounts, coupon usage numbers significantly increased in the US. eMarketer revised their estimate to almost 103 million people, or 11%, of consumers who redeemed a mobile coupon in 2013, up from an earlier, more conservative prediction of 4.6%. Good news for retailers who use coupons in ongoing marketing promotions as the trend is expected to continue. By 2015, eMarketer estimates over 118 million people will use mobile coupons to purchase a product either online or at a brick and mortar location.

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