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Mobile Engagement for Retail

Mobile Engagement Consumer Preferences

Shoppers share their preferences for receiving mobile promos, messages and offers.

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Drive more purchases with a customer-centric approach to mobile engagement

Mobile’s impact on shopping has been on the rise since the arrival of the smartphone. With the great opportunity this presents for retailers, it also presents new challenges.


Each shopper has her preferred way that they want you to engage over mobile – from text to email to app.


Customers want to use their preferred mobile channel throughout the entire journey.


Tying an anonymous mobile phone number back to CRM records.

The biggest names in retail use CodeBroker’s mobile engagement solutions to overcome these challenges, with exceptional results.

What’s the key?

A customer-centric approach

With CodeBroker mobile engagement solutions, retailers can take a customer-centric approach to mobile retail — by appealing to each shopper’s mobile preference — from SMS to mobile app; email to wallet. With CodeBroker, you can identify each customer’s preferred mobile channel, to deliver promotions on each customer’s terms. It’s a customer-first approach to mobile retail, and the key to CodeBroker’s customer success.

Retailers using CodeBroker achieve exceptional mobile engagement results:


Increased Coupon


Grew SMS
subscriber list


store visits

Mobile retail solutions that engage shoppers on their terms

Text Message Marketing with SmartJoin

  • Enterprise-class SMS marketing combines advanced features with ease-of-use.
  • For all your use cases – text promos, mobile coupons, loyalty programs, service alerts.
  • SmartJoin list sign-up with demographic capture for high-quality, CRM-ready SMS lists.

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Mobile Coupon Platform

  • Drive store traffic and purchases with on-demand mobile coupons.
  • Promote and deliver via text, app, email, mobile web, mobile wallet.
  • Generate single-use and multi-use mobile coupons.

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Mobile Loyalty

  • Add any mobile channel to your loyalty program.
  • Increase member enrollment and engagement.
  • Connect easily to your existing loyalty platform.

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Digital Wallet

  • Deploy a fully-branded offer wallet across multiple digital channels.
  • Give customers instant access to offers, rewards and coupons all in one place.
  • Customers can access your MyOffers Wallet from text message, mobile app, email, website, Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

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QR Code Marketing

  • Enterprise-class QR code marketing solution.
  • Streamlines the creation, launch and management of large-scale QR code marketing campaigns.
  • Ensures that you have the right code on the right package – each and every time.

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Give shoppers the mobile journey that they want… get the results that you want.

Each customer has a mobile engagement preference. And, with CodeBroker, you can give each customer his or her choice from start to finish – to improve engagement and drive results.

Mobile Loyalty Programs

Most retailers have added mobile to their loyalty programs through their mobile app. What you may not know, according to research, is that 37% of today’s consumers would engage with loyalty programs if they could use a text message link to access their rewards information – one-third more than mobile apps.

  • 37% of today’s consumers
    would engage with loyalty programs if they could access them via a text link.
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