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Single-Use Mobile Coupons Are Being Embraced by Retailers

By Jeff Weiner Retailers are seizing on the use of single-use mobile coupons, and moving away from using straight promo codes or 2D barcodes, due to the fact that these “coupons” are really unlimited offers that customers can reuse, to the detriment of retailers. There are several benefits of using single-use mobile coupons: To provide Read More

Five Tips for A Successful Mobile Coupon Strategy

By Jeff Weiner Consumer demand for mobile coupons is on the rise. When we surveyed 1,204 U.S. consumers for our 2018 Mobile Coupon Survey, nearly half said they prefer mobile coupons to paper. Mobile coupons create a sense of urgency, helping retailers to drive short-term spikes in revenue, and they give marketers new opportunities to Read More

New Research Provides Insights into Consumers’ Mobile Engagement Preferences

I’m pleased to announce the availability of CodeBroker’s latest research: Consumer Mobile Engagement Research Results. You can get it here on our Resources web page. For the past two years, our team here at CodeBroker has conducted a wide range of consumer research, on topics such as loyalty programs, text message marketing, and mobile coupons. Read More

Mobile Coupons for the Holidays!

By Dan Slavin According to the National Retail Federation, purchases during the holiday season account for 20% of all retail purchases. In November and December 2017, the NRF reports that those purchases equaled $691.9 billion. It’s no secret that this is the most important time of year for retailers, and we’ve learned that deals are Read More

Build a High-Quality SMS Subscriber List with Double-Qualification

By Dan Slavin For retailers and marketers to take full advantage of SMS marketing, plans must start with building quality SMS subscriber lists. This is the starting point to delivering more personalized text message marketing promotions and building an effective bridge between text lists and CRM systems. For several years now, SMS marketers have been Read More

5 Tips for Successful Mobile Coupon Promotions

By Dan Slavin Consumer demand for mobile coupons is on the rise because they offer a better experience than paper coupons, and they’re much more convenient. When we surveyed 1,204 U.S. consumers for our 2018 Mobile Coupon Survey, nearly half of them said they prefer mobile coupons to paper. Mobile coupons also create a sense Read More

5 Tips to Drive Holiday Purchases with Mobile Coupon Marketing

If mobile is part of your holiday marketing strategy, you may want to consider adding mobile coupons to your holiday marketing mix. According to recent research, nearly 50% of consumers prefer mobile coupons over printed coupons. If you’re considering mobile coupons in your holiday marketing plan, here are some tips give you a mobile coupon Read More

5 Quick QR Code Campaign Tips

By Dan Slavin QR codes have become an important part of many retail marketing campaigns. QR codes give marketers lots of innovative ways to engage shoppers — from providing general product information, to running promotional campaigns such as mobile coupon offers. Here are five QR code campaign tips to consider as you plan your next Read More