Customer Service Complaints: Contact Centers Use Digital Coupons to Appease Angry Customers

According to research, 13% of consumers tell 15 or more people if they have a negative experience with a company.

As if is this isn’t bad enough, this viral nature of negative publicity is exacerbated exponentially by the social media dynamic. More than ever, aggrieved consumers are using social media to become increasingly vocal about their experiences with businesses. A single social post can be viewed and shared thousands of times, and the speed of this amplification places a heavy burden on organizations. That’s why it’s critical to appease these customers during the customer service agent’s first call with the customer – and halt a potential runaway train.

To address this challenge, contact centers have an innovative tool to help them handle customer service complaints and deescalate difficult situations – it’s an easy-to-use application that enables agents to issue a pre-approved digital coupon or gift card during the actual customer call.

And it works. Consider these stats from this recent call center research report:

  • According to consumers who participate in the research, 78% of respondents have stopped doing business with companies that made an error with their purchase.
  • When the same research participants were asked if a coupon or gift card would have kept their business, 81% said yes.

That’s the power of digital coupons/gift cards for handling customer service complaints. One solution being adopted by call centers is CS Resolve. CS Resolve is designed to make it easy for agents to issue a pre-approved single-use digital coupon or gift card during the actual customer interaction – to help agents handle customer service complaints – while facilitating a potential additional purchase.

Traditionally it’s been difficult for contact centers to give agents the ability to issue gift cards or coupons when dealing with customer service complaints. CS Resolve is designed to make it easy for agents, while providing the control that management needs. Some of the CS Resolve features include:

  • Digital coupons/gift cards can be issued instantly – during the call.
  • They can be delivered via the customer’s preferred digital channel: chat, text, email, social media.
  • Single-use security prevents coupons and gift cards from being used more than once.
  • Managers can populate a library of pre-approved coupons and gift cards.
  • CS Resolve is designed to be embedded easily within existing contact center software.

It’s easier to retain an existing customer than it is to find a new one – and offering a gift card or coupon to an upset customer can provide an immediate resolution to the situation – and drive more business in the process.

For more information on digital coupons and gift cards for handling customer service complaints, we invite you to learn more about CS Resolve.