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CS Resolve

Digital Coupons and Gift Cards for Customer Appeasement

Now your customer service representatives can turn customer frustration into customer delight with CodeBroker’s CS Resolve.

CS Resolve is an easy-to-use digital coupon and gift card application that enables any customer service representative to deliver a pre-approved single-use coupon or gift card in the moment – to provide immediate value to an unhappy customer to deescalate conflict

With CS Resolve, conflict resolution is a win-win. Not only is the customer happy, but it virtually guarantees that the customer will continue to do business with you.


Key Features

  • Instantly deliver a single-use digital coupon or digital gift card to the customer.
  • Send coupon or gift card via the customer’s preferred digital channel: chat, text, email, social media.
  • Prevent coupons and gift cards from being used more than once with single-use security.
  • Populate a library of pre-approved coupons and gift cards.
  • Track coupon and gift card delivery and redemptions to ensure accountability and facilitate analysis.
  • Easily embed within your existing contact center software.



Single-Use Coupon and Gift Card Security


CS Resolve provides the utmost flexibility in selecting and delivering an offer while maintaining a high degree of accountability and security for each coupon or gift card.

  • The coupon or card can be redeemed only once, at POS or online.
  • The appeasement can’t be accessed by more than one phone.
  • An additional layer of security is optionally available to ensure distribution of only one coupon or gift card per phone.

Management Reports for Tracking and Attribution


CS Resolve tracks each coupon and gift card by a range of criteria to ensure accountability and facilitate analysis, including:

  • Individual CSR
  • Customer ID (phone, email)
  • Internal identifier
  • Date
  • Barcode; Offer ID; Gift Card #
  • Reason for issuance

Resolve Customer Conflicts and Retain Customers


It's easier to retain an existing customer than it is to find a new one - and offering a gift card or coupon to an upset customer can provide an immediate resolution to the situation – and drive more business in the process.

Contact CodeBroker to learn how to put CS Resolve to work for your customer service team.