The ultimate in offer security and flexibility

CodeBroker Single-Use Offers is used by the largest retailers to create and deliver secure, omnichannel offers and coupons without the risk of offers being used more than once or of going viral.

CodeBroker Single-use Offers connects to your POS or e-commerce system through two simple API calls, to open up a whole new world of possibilities for delivering single-use offers, coupons and promo codes – and driving more store traffic and revenue.

Experience a New World of Offer Marketing Possibilities

Send unique offers to each customer.

Prevent offers from going viral.

Attribute redemptions to individuals & segments.

Employ accurate A/B testing.

Appeal to each customer’s channel preference.

Single-Use Mobile Offer Security

CodeBroker adds the highest levels of security to personalized offers, mobile coupons and promo codes. It’s the only offer and coupon marketing solution that lets you generate a “smart” single-use coupon with a security model that ensures:


The customer always receives the same offer regardless of the number of times and channels she requests the coupon.


Once the coupon is redeemed, it expires simultaneously and is marked as redeemed across all channels to prevent re-use.


It is impossible for a customer to obtain a second copy of an offer unless specifically allowed by you.

Once an offer or coupon is redeemed, you or CodeBroker can “clear” the offer. If CodeBroker clears the offer, we mark it as redeemed to ensure that it can’t be used again and provide accurate accountability every time. And your customers will always know which offers are valid and unused. And since CodeBroker can make your in-store coupons and promo codes work online, we can ensure immediate expirations across all channels.

Give customers access to your latest offers with a MyOffers Digital Coupon Wallet

CodeBroker’s single-use offers enables you to deploy a fully branded MyOffers digital coupn wallet to give your customers instant access to all of your offers all in one place.

Deliver personalized coupons, offers, and loyalty rewards directly to your MyOffers Digital Coupon Wallet, giving your customers an easy way to organize your coupons and rewards from their mobile device or desktop.

  • Deliver one or more digital or mobile coupons with a single communication.
  • Customers can access your coupons/offers/rewards from different channels at any time.
  • Deliver coupons by text message, through your website, or via your mobile app.
  • Update, remove, or swap offers to give customers access to the latest deals.

Deliver on your offer personalization goals.

With just a few clicks, deliver new offers based on each customer’s engagement with prior offers and her purchase history. Powerful tools let you quickly identify customers based upon their levels of interaction, so you can deliver reminders and new offers to the right consumers at the right time. Easily identify Deliveries/Requests, Views and Redemptions, giving you deeper insights to help you drive higher levels of engagement.

Coupon software power

CodeBroker gives you access to the broadest range of offer logic, from simple to sophisticated – to meet any requirement. You can start simple and grow into more advanced offers or coupons easily, according to your timeline.

  • Single-Use
  • Multi-Use
  • Rewards Certificates
  • On-demand
  • Push Message
  • Multi-format barcodes
  • SMS
  • Mobile App
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Email
  • Social
  • Online
  • High Security
  • Scalable Delivery
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Redeem In-store +/or Online
  • Mark-as-Redeemed
  • Autoload to e-Shopping Cart
  • Rolling Expiration
  • Location-Based
  • Pooled

Unprecedented offer engagement intel

With CodeBroker, you benefit from unprecedented levels of offer marketing knowledge. You can track offer engagement from click to redemption (in-store and online), and deliver metrics directly to your CRM system.

  • Generate a range of redemption reports by delivery, message, time, channel, segment keyword, and more.
  • Monitor engagement activity and behavior, and leverage machine learning for automated optimization decisions.
  • Attribute in-store purchases to mobile and digital marketing programs.
  • Identify the best type of follow-up offer or message, and the best time to send it.

Machine Learning drives automated optimization decisions.

Track Customer Interactions with Offers:

  • View date/time
  • Redemption date/time
  • Preferred channel
  • Opens/clicks
  • Lack of Activity

Automated Optimization Decisions:

  • Best time for reminders
  • Best time for delivery
  • Preferred channel
  • Who should receive re-activation offers

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