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1,100 consumers share their views on receiving personalized offers and coupons from brands.

Deliver secure, personalized offers with SecureOffers Coupon Software.

Marketing automation and analytics software are helping marketers make personalization a reality. The challenge, however, is in maintaining the integrity of the personalization effort when an offer is sent to the customer. This is where the personalization effort can break down, because coupons and offers often get used by consumers more than once or they get shared online. This makes it nearly impossible for marketers to:

  • Attribute redemptions accurately
  • Conduct valid a/b tests
  • Maintain the personalization effort for a particular customer

CodeBroker’s SecureOffers software solves this problem for leading Fortune 1000 companies by enabling marketers to employ single-use coupons and offer codes, enabling them to deliver the high-discount offers that work – without the risk.

Single-Use Coupon and Offer Security

SecureOffers adds the highest levels of security to personalized coupons and offer codes. Through lightweight software that connects easily to any existing POS or e-commerce system, marketers can securely deliver, and consumers can securely redeem, personalized, single-use coupons and offers at scale without any risk of offers being used more than once or going viral.

SecureOffers is the only solution that enables both secure distribution and secure redemption of personalized coupons and offer codes. With SecureOffers:

  • The consumer always receives the same barcode regardless of the number of times, or channels in which, she requests the coupon.
  • The consumer can only obtain an offer that is meant for her.
  • Once the coupon is used, it expires simultaneously and is marked as redeemed, across all channels.
  • It is impossible for a consumer to obtain a second copy of the coupon unless allowed by you.

Improving Customer Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention with Personalized Offers

Read how brands deliver personalized offers at scale by employing secure, single-use coupons and offers.

Secure Distribution and Redemption

With SecureOffers, marketers can:

  • Generate millions of unique promo codes and URLs, personalized for each customer.
  • Validate and mark-as-redeemed across any channel: in-store, desktop, mobile.
  • Attribute each redemption back to the recipient for superior insights.

Powerful Segmentation and Targeting

SecureOffers provides exceptional segmentation and targeting, that can be based on your CRM data as well as data collected by the SecureOffers Attribution Center. SecureOffers empower marketers to target consumers by a range of criteria, to increase offer redemption and drive more purchases.

  • Segment and target audiences based on interactions with prior offers.
  • Target offers based on location, favorite store, frequency, events, or a combination.
  • Send reminder offers to customers who have not redeemed an offer.
  • Target and send welcome offers based on a keyword that was used to join your list.
  • Drive customer acquisition on mobile, and convert direct mail lists to SMS.

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