Digital Coupon Platform for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Easily deliver secure, single-use digital coupons to your customers

The CodeBroker Digital Coupon Platform makes it easy for you to deliver one-time-use coupons to your customers and ensure that they do not go viral.

  • CodeBroker’s Secure Distribution makes it easy to ensure that each customer only receives one coupon and that only those customers who you want to receive a coupon actually receive one.
  • It’s easy to use your current email service provider to send single-use coupons, or use CodeBroker’s email service. We make it easy to send coupons one at time or to hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of your customers all at once.
  • For more sophisticated applications, send or issue coupons via our API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Deliver “coupon books” containing multiple coupons to each customer. CodeBroker’s unique MyOffers Wallet makes it easy to deliver more than one offer at a time.
  • Enable your customers to save their coupons to Apple Wallet and Google Wallet for easy access.

With CodeBroker, you can be delivering coupons to your customers in minutes – our platform is easy to set up and use.

Secure redemption ensures that your coupons are only used once

Authorized Employees

You and/or authorized employees can use CodeBroker’s HTML5 web app to easily scan a customer’s coupon to verify whether it is valid and ensure that the coupon cannot be used again.


Upload CodeBroker’s single-use codes into Shopify to enable your customers to use their coupons in your online store.

CodeBroker API's

Our enterprise-class API’s make it easy to integrate with your POS or eComm site so you can quickly validate individual coupons prior to use and mark individual coupons as redeemed after they are used.

Sophisticated Reporting

CodeBroker offers a variety of reports to make it easy to see how your promotions are performing


See number issued, number viewed, and number redeemed


See coupon views and redemptions over time to learn when and where your coupons are being used.


Use CodeBroker’s intelligent reminders or export redemption records to make it easy to retarget customers who have (or who have not) redeemed your coupons.

Flexible enough to be used by any business

Restaurants and bars


eComm Businesses


Based in the North America

We are a US-based company so you get local support and knowledge of local best practices. Support is available via email and phone (depending on your monthly plan).

We cut our teeth working with some of the largest retailers and brands in the US, and our SMB solution allows your businesses to access best-in-class capabilities at a fraction of the price of the “big guys”.

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