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For years, Capital One has sponsored the Capital One Bowl. The Capital One Bowl consists of sixteen mascots of the Capital One All-America Mascot Team. The mascots are selected from among all mascot entries received from eligible NCAA FBS and FCS schools.

Students use the web, mobile web, and text messages to cast their votes for their favorite mascot. The contest period is over a 12-week period. The winner is awarded the title of Capital One National Mascot of the Year and receives a $1000 scholarship for the school’s mascot program. 

The Capital One Bowl Goes Mobile

CodeBroker was used as the mobile messaging platform for a recent Capital One Bowl. The team at Capital One was interested in supporting mobile as a means for students to cast votes.

CodeBroker was selected to be their partner for the first-ever SMS voting. The response was overwhelming supporting tens of millions of votes, many times the initial expectations. Managing the voting process was challenging for two reasons:

  • A complex set of rules required significant business logic to run for each vote to determine eligibility, and
  • Students could vote up to 250 times per hour with up to 25,000 total votes for their favorite mascot. To complicate matters, some industrious students created a voting app which was used to do automatic voting. Needless to say, the computer generated voting generating significant bursts of text messaging traffic.

Capital One Rocks the Vote

On the busiest day, CodeBroker was managing many millions of incoming votes (with a confirmation message for each vote) all while continuing to support existing retailer customer mobile campaigns without a glitch.

Using CodeBroker, Capital One was able to leverage an entirely new channel and attract millions of new college students to their web presence.

Capital One has recently expanded voting to include entries from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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