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Mobile Loyalty Program Consumer Research Results

New research reveals shoppers’ requirements for today’s loyalty programs.

Expand your existing loyalty solution into a complete mobile loyalty platform

Successful loyalty programs are all about engagement. According to research, 70% of loyalty program members would actively engage with a loyalty program if they could access the program easily from their smartphones. So, it’s no surprise that companies make their loyalty programs available through a mobile app. The problem, however, is that most consumers don’t want to access loyalty programs via an app.

Mobile is a platform with several channels, and, each consumer has a preferred way in which he or she wishes to engage with loyalty programs. Programs that offer members the ability to access their rewards information via their preferred channel are the programs that win.

Source: CodeBroker 2018 Mobile Loyalty Program Consumer Survey

Mobile loyalty program success

The CodeBroker Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine enables you to expand your existing loyalty platform into a complete mobile loyalty platform by letting you easily add any and all mobile channels to your existing mobile loyalty program.


Improve customer loyalty by engaging consumers on their preferred mobile channels.



Deliver an engaging mobile loyalty program

The CodeBroker Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine gives marketers two new ways to drive loyalty member engagement:

  1. By providing a way to contact loyalty program members over their preferred mobile channels using your current loyalty program software, your message is more likely to resonate and drive action.
  2. By giving loyalty program members access to their loyalty card, rewards, balance, and certificates from their mobile phone without logging in, they’re more likely to participate as active members.

Rapidly acquire mobile loyalty program members

With CodeBroker, acquiring new mobile loyalty program members is easy, by giving consumers an easy way to enroll in your mobile rewards program using their preferred mobile channel. Capture each member’s favorite way to engage with your mobile rewards program, and start each relationship in an impressive fashion.

Automated member acquisition workflow connects easily to your loyalty program software.


Member enrolls via text message or email with CodeBroker’s SmartJoin.


CodeBroker issues rewards number to new members, or links existing member’s mobile number to their account.


Secure delivery of loyalty card and one-time-use welcome offer.

Loyalty program strategies that engage customers

Plug-and-play with your existing loyalty program software

The Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine works with the leading loyalty platform providers as well as your CRM and analytics systems.

CodeBroker requires very little integration or IT support, so you can quickly enhance your mobile loyalty program using your current loyalty program software with minimal technology investment or IT support.

Transform your loyalty solution into a complete mobile loyalty platform.

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