ALK Success

About ALK

ALK is a leading global allergy solutions company offering a wide range of brand-name allergy treatments, products and services that meet the unique needs of allergy sufferers, their families and healthcare professionals

The Challenge

ALK wanted to increase its copay card registration and utilization for three of its medication brands, while simultaneously improving the overall patient experience. Although they previously implemented a digital solution, they were looking for a more modern mobile-first solution which, would not only enable them to accomplish these goals, but also give them the ability to:
  1. Easily track full funnel patient behaviors from first touch (via paid social media, search engines, direct access) to copay card registration, NRx and TRx, and use the data to increase conversions.
  2. Communicate with patients via SMS to provide reminders and augment adherence & compliance.
  3. Deploy a consistent copay registration process across all channels and brands.

The Solution

After an extensive search, ALK chose CodeBroker’s Copay Registration and Adherence Solution to check all the boxes, while enabling fast and easy implementation.

“What attracted us to CodeBroker was their experience with large, big-box retailers and the extensive capability of their pharma solution combined with their deep technical expertise,” said Dan Commerford, Sr. Director of Marketing, North America for ALK. “They helped us quickly align and integrate the solution with our existing copay process and partner applications and improve the patient experience. Working with the CodeBroker team, we were able to finalize all components of the program for regulatory review within 60 days from the start of the project.”

CodeBroker configured ALK’s registration form using their SmartJoin technology to ensure ease of sign up and to link top-of-funnel activity directly to NRx and continuing fills. This now gives ALK deep insights into their funnel to identify areas for optimization, to directly attribute NRx’s to specific marketing activities, and to better understand return on investment. The SmartJoin form additionally allows patients to choose either a mail order or retail offer, SMS and/or email communications, and enter their name, address, and date of birth (to ensure copay cards are unique).

“CodeBroker gives us more specific funnel reporting, including insights into the timing of each stage and activity at each stage of the funnel,” said Dan Commerford. “Using this information, we’ve been able to identify detailed return on our marketing spend and change our definition of “hard” conversions from a ‘click’ to a completed registration and NRx.”

CodeBroker also added SMS registration and copay offer delivery for patients who prefer mobile communications over email. “SMS not only enables us to provide a better user experience for mobile-centric customers,” said Dan Commerford, “but it also enables our marketing team to send ongoing reminders and adherence messaging to patients via SMS, increasing the likelihood they’ll be read.”

With CodeBroker, ALK can now:

  • Use actual registrations and NRx’s as a measure of hard conversions instead of clicks on web pages and social media.
  • Combine the registration process for retail and mail order savings programs.
  • Simplify the registration process from multiple web pages to a single page.
  • Track individual patient behaviors from initial click on a digital ad/web site through to NRx and continuing Rx.
  • Provide copay card registration and delivery via SMS.
  • Deliver ongoing reminder, adherence, and educational messages to patients via SMS.

The Results

With CodeBroker’s Copay Registration and Adherence solution, ALK has increased their registration rate and copay conversion. Additionally, they are now able to easily analyze their funnel data to identify ongoing opportunities to improve registrations and conversions, and deliver new messaging to improve conversion.

Hard analytics now available to ALK from CodeBroker include:

  • Best-performing DTC channels to optimize the marketing spend based on registrations and fills.
  • DTC channels’ performance over time to analyze results of top-of-funnel tweaks.
  • Drop-off rates along the patient journey between ad click and NRx to identify opportunities for optimization.
  • Average time from registration form view to registration and NRx/TRx.
  • Best performing SMS and email messaging leading to increased registrations and fills.
  • Patients’ average fill rates at 3, 6, and 12 months out from copay card registration.

Why Settle For Less?

CodeBroker Health offers a mobile-first best-in-class platform solution for co-pay program administration that can take your measurement and analytics capabilities to a new level. Think about truly advanced activity monitoring and reporting that drives the patient’s next best action, all real-time and all connected. Your optimization opportunities could be amplified and your program impact could be maximized.
Please click here to download a pdf copy of this case study.