Increase trial and conversion with CodeBroker’s proven approach.

Meet your customers where they are

Modernize your sampling program to a digital customer experience that is convenient, easy, and aligned to consumer expectations - all accessible from their mobile phones.


Patient receives unique instructions from their HCP and sends in a text message.


Patient receives a digital voucher for a free trial on their mobile phone.


Patient uses voucher at a retail store or via a specialty pharmacy partner.

Gain unprecedented visibility and control with superior performance metrics

Real-time analytics give you unparalleled access into performance.

  • Capture deep insights into sales rep performance, HCP behavior, and patient activity before the fill via actionable, real-time reporting.
  • Real-time tracking by the individual patient of program utilization data from sample/voucher through to paying patient conversion and continuing Rx.
  • Track and measure trial and conversion by a range of attributes, such as region, sales rep, and HCP.

Unlock integrated marketing capabilities

CodeBroker’s digital solution includes integrated omni-channel communications via text message and email that help you drive conversion, while building long-term customer relationships.

  • Create a variety of customer journeys.
  • Trigger by entered, behavioral, and transactional data.
  • Deliver personalized messaging as soon as the free trial is requested.

Works with Retail and Specialty Pharmacy

CodeBroker’s modern alternative to sampling works with both retail and specialty pharma. For medication delivered via retail and mail order, CodeBroker can issue channel-specific vouchers or single vouchers that work in both channels.

Get more out of your sampling programs.

The retail industry’s leading single-use mobile coupon technology has tailored its solution specifically for pharma to drive exceptional results.

  • Increase trial and conversion
  • Expand program reach by offering sampling in white space areas and offices with restricted rep access
  • Control for over-distribution to patients.

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