Next Generation Patient Engagement Solutions

that drive action and are quick to deploy

Copay solutions

Increase copay registrations, utilization, and adherence with an elevated customer experience

Digital Voucher Solutions

Increase trial and conversion with CodeBroker’s proven approach

Patient Experience Programs

Facilitate the connection between patients, HCPs, and your brand

How CodeBroker's Patient Engagement Solutions Can Help You

CodeBroker’s patient engagement solutions are trusted by leading pharmaceutical brands and have proven to deliver exceptional results. Whether you want to increase patient enrollment, reduce Rx abandonment, improve medication adherence, or enhance patient satisfaction, CodeBroker can help you achieve your goals.

patient engagement solutions

With CodeBroker’s patient engagement solutions, you can:

  • Increase patient retention and adherence by delivering personalized and timely messages to patients via SMS, email, or push notification
  • Provide convenient and secure access to digital copay cards, vouchers, and coupons
  • Track and measure patient behavior and outcomes with real-time analytics and reporting
  • Engage new and existing HCPs with targeted and relevant content
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns and ROI with data-driven insights and feedback
Patient Engagement Solutions

Exceptional Patient Engagement Solution Results


Increased copay card usage


Improvement in on-time refills


Increased conversion post digital ad spend optimization

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