Copay Registration, Adherence, And Analytics Solutions

Increase copay registrations, utilization, and adherence with an elevated customer experience.

Deliver mobile copay cards and advance the customer journey

Make it a seamless customer experience that drives ongoing patient utilization.

  • Increase copay registrations by simplifying sign up and enabling registration initiation from any channel.
  • Deliver copay cards directly to patients’ mobile phones to make them readily accessible at any time.
  • Enable intelligent messaging and personalization via live/dynamic coupons, tracked and automatically updated when they are viewed.

Advanced copay card analytics, activity monitoring, and reporting that enables you to intercept and drive desired patient actions

Gain deeper visibility into the performance of your copay cards with actionable real-time analytics.

  • Real-time tracking by the individual patient of program utilization data from sample/voucher/bridge through to paying patient conversion and continuing Rx.
  • Connected reporting to effectively optimize DTC co-pay promotional spend.
  • End-to-end patient engagement tracking.

Accelerate growth with integrated marketing capabilities

CodeBroker’s digital copay solutions include Intelligent, data-triggered omni-channel messaging that drives adherence.

  • Build and enhance customer journeys.
  • Trigger by entered, behavioral, and transactional data.
  • Deliver personalized messaging as soon as the copay offer is requested and throughout the customer journey

Works with Retail and Specialty Pharmacy

CodeBroker’s copay solutions work with both retail and specialty pharma. For medication delivered via retail and mail order, CodeBroker can issue channel-specific copay offers or single offers that work in both channels.

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