First Call Resolution and Customer Appeasement Coupons

First Call Resolution is the ultimate in contact center metrics because it’s the only performance metric that impacts just about every other meaningful call center measurement. First call resolution can yield countless benefits for your business, from lower costs to agent productivity to providing a better customer experience.

But what happens when a customer issue just can’t be resolved to the customer’s satisfaction in the first call – or at all for that matter – leading to a dissatisfied customer?

This is where a digital coupon or gift card can have a significant impact.

Business have used coupons and gift cards to handle customer service complaints for quite some time. The challenge is that there hasn’t been an easy way for call center agents to issue them.

An example of how call centers are addressing the challenge is with CS Resolve from CodeBroker. CS Resolve is designed to make it easy for it easy for contact center agents to issue a pre-approved single-use digital coupon or gift card during the actual customer interaction – to provide immediate value to an unhappy customer and help drive first call resolution.

What’s really impressive to customers is that agents can deliver the coupon or gift card during the call via the customer’s preferred digital channel: chat, text, email, social media.

Using digital coupons for first call resolution delivers a range of benefits to companies:

  • Helps to retain customers
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Drives future purchases
  • Maximizes agent productivity

First call resolution is a win/win for all involved. When an agent resolves a customer issue on the first call, the customer feels good about the interaction and may be open to making additional purchases. A digital coupon is a great incentive to facilitate that initial purchase, while playing a key role in first call resolution.

For more information on digital coupons and gift cards to assist in first call resolution, we invite you to learn more about CS Resolve.