Call Centers Use Digital Coupons For Dealing With Angry Customers

Call centers have been facing major increases in call volume due to the rise in online orders driven by the pandemic. With higher call volume, comes a higher number of incidents in which call center agents are finding that they are dealing with angry customers more frequently as well.

Call centers increasingly are using digital coupons and gift cards for handling customer service complaints. Digital coupons/gift cards help call center agents diffuse difficult situations right away when dealing with angry customers.

Coupons and gift cards have been used for years to help retailers and brands when dealing with angry customers. The challenge for call centers is that they haven’t had a simple way to issue them. Digital coupons make it possible. And according to research, coupons and gift cards are quite effective at handling customer service complaints and appeasing angry customers.

  • They are easy for CSRs to use.
  • They can be delivered via the customer’s preferred digital channel (text, chat, email, social).
  • They can be delivered instantly to appease customers in the moment.
  • They can be easily embedded within existing contact center software.


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