Use Geolocation to Improve Copay Savings Program Performance

We are often asked if it is possible to know when a consumer enters a physical location so we can send that consumer a text message with a special offer or remind them that they have a copay assistance card. Unfortunately, the mobile carriers have made the opt-in process difficult for the consumer/patient and cost prohibitive for the pharmaceutical marketing teams when using SMS. However, a mobile wallet solution such as Apple Wallet/Google Wallet in conjunction with some unique technology from CodeBroker offers a compelling way to achieve this objective.

CodeBroker was a launch partner for Apple Wallet (we supported Target and Walgreens on launch day) and we have been deploying mobile wallet solutions for our clients ever since. Apple Wallet passes can take advantage of a consumer/patient’s location to automatically show a copay assistance savings card on the home screen of their phone when they are near a local pharmacy. This can be a great way to remind a patient about the availability of their copay assistance programs.

There are several challenges one has to overcome in order to successfully enable this patient experience efficiently and effectively. One is that the system generating Apple Passes has to know the location of virtually every pharmacy in the US.

A second is that an Apple pass (as of this writing) can only store 10 locations. As a result, simply knowing the location of every pharmacy is not that helpful by itself. Instead, this location knowledge along with sophisticated geofencing algorithms is required to accurately compute the pharmacies local to a patient and then store these 10 locations in the pass so it will appear when a patient is nearby.

And a final challenge is adding these geolocation capabilities to existing copay assistance programs while not requiring any fundamental changes to the program or any of the copay processing partners’ systems and interfaces.

CodeBroker has developed a unique solution to address all of these challenges which a) keeps a record of the physical location of nearly every pharmacy in the United States, b) accurately computes the closest pharmacies to the patient, and c) can be easily added to existing copay assistance programs. The net result is that you can easily add mobile wallet passes to your copay program and store the locations of a patient’s nearby pharmacies in them. This ensures that the copay savings card will automatically appear on the home screen of the patient’s mobile device when they are near a local pharmacy.

CodeBroker Health’s copay registration, adherence, and analytics platform makes geolocation-based solutions like the Apple Wallet/Google Pay solution described here fast and easy to deploy. Contact CodeBroker today to learn more about how we can quickly implement this solution for you.