Unlocking the Potential of HCP Engagement Software and HCP Marketing Software

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly seeking innovative marketing solutions to engage healthcare professionals (HCPs), boost prescription rates for their medications, and gain valuable real-time insights into patient experiences. They aim to not only encourage HCPs to prescribe their products but also ensure seamless experiences for both HCPs and patients. That’s where HCP engagement software and HCP marketing software come into play, offering a dynamic solution for bridging the gap between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers.

The Challenge: Encouraging HCPs to Prescribe

To engage HCPs and encourage them to prescribe medications, several key requirements must be met. These include reaching out to no-access HCPs and those operating in white spaces to provide them with free trials for their patients. It also involves closely managing the distribution process, ensuring a seamless experience for HCPs and patients, and delivering versatile HCP engagement solutions that can function in both virtual and in-person settings.

Empowering HCPs to Expand Prescriptions

To facilitate the expansion of medication prescriptions and engage HCPs, it’s crucial to share patient information with HCPs at both the individual patient and aggregate levels and do so in a compliant manner. This information can be relayed through various means, such as text messages or emails, delivery by field teams, and the generation and publication of real-world data.

Introducing CodeBroker’s Unique Solution

In response to these complex requirements, CodeBroker has developed innovative HCP marketing software tailored for pharmaceutical companies. This solution empowers a pharma company’s marketing department to swiftly enroll and activate HCPs, all within a matter of seconds. Importantly, it ensures tight controls to limit participation, preserving the integrity of the program. Once enrolled, HCPs can then instruct patients, either digitally or on paper.

Seamless Patient Engagement

Patients are seamlessly integrated into the process using CodeBroker’s industry-leading SmartJoin solution. Registration on their mobile devices takes mere seconds, and they provide the necessary authorizations effortlessly. After receiving their medication, patients are automatically prompted to complete surveys via their mobile devices. These survey results are then shared in a compliant, easily accessible manner with both their HCP and the pharmaceutical company’s marketing team.

Unlocking Patient Insights

Pharmaceutical digital marketing teams stand to gain a wealth of crucial patient insights through this process. These insights can include data on topics such as time to efficacy/level of efficacy, successes and challenges, satisfaction scoring, among others.

Effortless HCP Activation

Crucially, HCP activation is achieved within seconds, with no action required on the part of the healthcare professional. CodeBroker’s HCP engagement solutions streamline the process and enables pharmaceutical companies to manage the number of participating HCPs and patients effectively during both pilot phases and rollout.

Enhancing Patient Adherence

With such easy patient activation, pharmaceutical companies can send adherence messages to patients alongside surveys. These messages can range from simple reminders to sophisticated educational journeys based on time, observed patient behavior, or transactional data. They may also include educational information, reminders, or even copay cards.

Your Path to Enhanced Prescribing and Valuable Insights

If you’re in search of an innovative approach to drive new and expanded prescribing and engage HCPs while gaining actionable early product experience insights, don’t hesitate to get in touch with CodeBroker today. Our HCP engagement software and solutions open new doors for pharmaceutical companies, empowering them to build stronger connections with healthcare professionals and deliver better patient outcomes.