An Easy Way to Reduce Script Abandonment

We have had many pharmaceutical marketers contact us lately searching for medication adherence solutions to reduce their abandoned scripts. In most cases, they believe their HCPs are writing prescriptions, but that too many patients are not filling them.

Typically, the medication has a copay assistance program, and the pharmaceutical marketing team is looking for a way to leverage the copay program to encourage the patient to fill their script.

CodeBroker has a cost-effective solution that is quick to deploy and works with your current copay provider. The solution makes it easy for the patient to receive a digital copay card delivered straight to their mobile phone, and without any further registration, gives the pharmaceutical marketer a way to immediately remind the patient to pick up the script.

The process uses best practices CodeBroker has learned from optimizing the registration and reminder process for tens of millions of consumers for the largest retailers and brands in the US. And it is quick and simple:

  1. The patient texts in a keyword to request the copay assistance card.
  2. The patient receives a link to the registration form, fills in some basic info, acknowledges authorization/consent, then clicks submit.
  3. The patient then immediately receives a branded digital copay assistance card on their mobile device which they can optionally save to their Apple Wallet.

The entire process takes only seconds.

At this point, the pharmaceutical marketing team can monitor usage of the copay card. If it has not been used within a certain number of days, one or more reminder messages can be sent to the patient to encourage the patient to fill their script. The marketing team can also expand the use of their medication adherence solutions by sending additional messaging such as refill reminders and educational messaging. These adherence messages can be sent via text message, email, or both. The CodeBroker platform has the ability to deliver omni-channel patient journeys based on time, transactional data, and/or patient interactions, giving marketing teams maximum flexibility.

This solution can be quickly and easily implemented using the CodeBroker platform while leveraging your existing copay assistance card partner. In fact, CodeBroker can have a solution configured and ready for medical/regulatory approval in days. Everything can be branded to your look/feel and of course, contain all your required content, acknowledgements, ISI, etc.

If you are looking for a cost effective, easy to deploy solution to help reduce script abandonment, please contact us so we can show you how.