January 4, 2019

Retail Shoppers Prefer Email Offers, But Text Is Gaining: Study

By Ray Schultz Email is still the leading retail message channel — but it may soon be overtaken by text, judging by Consumer Mobile Engagement, a study by CodeBroker. Email is favored by 41% of consumers for receiving sale, discount and coupon offers. Second, chosen by 38%, are text messages and app push messages are…

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Mobile Coupons | 6 Steps to Improve Redemption Rates

By Dan Slavin Digital coupons delivered via email and accessed through a mobile device typically have a redemption rate of 2 percent or less. By delivering digital coupons via text marketing promotion, marketers can increase redemption rates to 10 percent or more. Retailers and marketers alike are moving toward mobile coupons for some very good…

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