CodeBroker Announces The Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine to Help Loyalty Marketers Grow Member Enrollment and Engagement

BELMONT, MA – MAY 23, 2017 – While loyalty program professionals at leading brands struggle with diminishing member engagement with their loyalty programs, CodeBroker, a developer of mobile marketing solutions, today announced the “CodeBroker Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine,” the first loyalty marketing solution that gives marketers an omnichannel approach to mobile loyalty program member acquisition and engagement.

“Market trends clearly show that loyalty program participation is decreasing, so we developed this solution to help loyalty marketers address the challenges of both loyalty program member acquisition and engagement,” said CodeBroker CEO Dan Slavin. “Consumers have their own preferred mobile communications channel, whether that’s via text, Facebook, mobile wallet, email, or a mobile app. So we developed a complementary solution that marketers can plug into existing loyalty platforms to give consumers on-demand access to their loyalty card, rewards, and points via their favorite mobile channel.”

The CodeBroker Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine addresses many of the consumer complaints regarding loyalty programs that were discovered in the CodeBroker 2017 Shopper Loyalty research. Although consumers prefer to access programs via smartphones, there are a range of different communications channels that mobile provides – and consumer preference is across the board, which is why loyalty marketers need an omnichannel mobile approach to both acquisition and engagement.

Omnichannel Access to Loyalty Programs

CodeBroker’s solution solves this problem by giving loyalty marketers the ability to invite each consumer to enroll in the loyalty program, and to access the program benefits via that consumer’s preferred channel – whether it’s a mobile app or text message, Facebook, mobile wallet, email or mobile app. Once the consumer has registered, they can access the program at any time, via their preferred mobile channel, without having to log in. Loyalty marketers can keep each member engaged by developing a contact strategy via the member’s preferred channel.

4 Key Features

SmartJoin Member Acquisition to capture new loyalty program members at scale, and convert existing members to mobile – via all popular mobile channels.

Engagement: Gives members omnichannel access to their rewards card, points balance, rewards certificates, rewards redemption and program details via SMS text, mobile app, mobile wallet, Facebook, and email.

Omnichannel Messaging that enables marketers to deploy channel-specific messaging for personalized member engagement.

Analytics: Real-time mobile loyalty engagement analytics for insights into member usage.

Compatible with Existing Loyalty Solutions

The cloud-based CodeBroker Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine fits seamlessly into loyalty marketers’ existing marketing solutions, with plug and play connection to existing loyalty, CRM, and analytics systems and requires no complex IT integrations.

Solution Benefits for Loyalty Marketers

The CodeBroker Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine delivers a range of benefits to loyalty marketing professionals:

• Empowers loyalty marketers to easily add a complete mobile experience to their loyalty programs.

• Increases member sign-ups and engagement by giving consumers an easy way to access loyalty programs via today’s most popular mobile communication channels.

• Ability to instantly modernize their physical card-based program with mobile, making it easy to convert current members to digital and add new members.

• Employ a more effective contact strategy by using members’ preferred communications channels, for more personalized, relevant, consistent loyalty program experience.

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