Mobile Marketing Personalization | Article

Last November I received this brilliantly personalized piece of direct mail. I quickly snapped a photo and shared it on social media. We all had a good laugh.
Forever together – me and me

Personalization is more than adding a name (or two).

The problem? Mischa is my nickname. Michelene is my full name. Not so personalized. Despite this mishap, adding a name doesn’t make an offer truly personalized or relevant.

Personalization is one of the top retail marketing buzzwords. Mary Meeker cites it in her 2016 Internet Trends report as being vital for capturing the Millennial shopping audience.Personalization is in the subject line of most marketing emails that arrive in my Inbox. All this discussion and I still haven’t seen a formal definition of what personalization should mean. It has to be more than just adding a name.

So here’s the CodeBroker definition: Providing relevant content and offers to prospects based on their behavior.

It’s pretty simple.

At CodeBroker we’re tackling personalization in our omnichannel mobile coupon marketing platform that includes text message marketing. We’re making it intelligent and automated.

Our new personalization features allow you to create automated mobile coupon marketing campaigns based on behavioral data. The data triggers for automation include mobile coupon redemption, mobile coupon interaction, previous purchases, and any other data your systems can feed to us. You’ll be able to send customized mobile offers, relevant text message marketing alerts, and even create a feedback loop with surveys or Net Promoter Scores. And you’ll be able to reach customers across multiple channels – SMS, email, mobile app, payment wallets, and social outlets.

So rethink personalization.