Retailer Loyalty Program Case Study

The Challenge

A loyalty program is the pinnacle of consumer conversion. A customer’s willingness to share personal information (e.g. name, address, email, and mobile number) clearly demonstrate the customer’s commitment to a brand. To facilitate registration, a CodeBroker retailer customer was looking for an elegant way to sign-up customers to their loyalty program. As an added incentive for signing-up, the retailer wanted to provide a rich offer as a thank you. Anticipating high demand for the mobile coupon, they were looking for a way to minimize fraudulent use and limit their liability. The retailer required a guaranteed secure and efficient way to reward loyal customers.

The Solution


CodeBroker Smart Join

Signing up for the loyalty program is simple. A customer texts a keyword to the retailer’s shortcode. The customer receives a text message which takes them to a sign-up form – a sophisticated way to enter their personal information versus using multiple text messages. The form is pre-populated with the customer’s mobile phone number reducing time spent entering data and minimizing mistakes. In addition, pre-populating the phone number ensures the mobile coupon is linked to the mobile device – an important security feature designed to minimize fraudulent use of coupons. After the completed form is submitted, the customer receives a coupon they can use during a future visit to the store, either in-person or online.

CodeBroker’s Smart Join provides a device-rich experience ensuring the first impression is positive. It is a two-step process minimizing data entry errors as customer information is accurately gathered the first time.

CodeBroker Mobile Coupons

Once subscribed to the loyalty program, customers receive offers and coupons on a regular basis via SMS. The customer can leave the message in their messages folder or load the coupon to Passbook. The coupons feature a single scannable barcode that has been certified to work on over 500 web-enabled mobile devices.

To use the retailer’s mobile coupons, customers simply present the barcode on their mobile device to the cashier during checkout. The mobile coupon can only be used once. After the item has been purchased, the coupon is marked as redeemed preventing it from being used again. If the coupon was loaded to Passbook, that version is marked as redeemed too. Customers no longer have to track which coupons they’ve used as it is automatically done for them. If a customer accidentally deletes an offer, the same coupon is easily retrieved by texting a keyword to the retailer’s shortcode.

Coming soon, customers will download the retailer’s app and automatically receive their coupons in a coupon wallet within the app. The beauty of using a coupon wallet is that customers have access to all of their mobile coupons in a single location.


Real Results

Unlike paper-based coupons and promo codes, the retailer is able to track who receives the incentives, who views them, and which customers redeem the mobile coupons. A comprehensive picture of each campaign provides the retailer with insight into the entire purchase funnel. Using the CodeBroker Platform, the retailer realized:

  • Significant incremental revenue directly attributed to the coupon program.
  • Dramatic increase in the size of its subscriber lists.
  • Coupon fraud minimized with one-time use coupons.
  • The ability to track campaign results in real-time.