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10 Reasons Why Mobile Coupons are Good Business for Retail

Good Business for Retailers Using Mobile Coupons For many retailers, mobile coupons are good business. Consumers routinely search for them, your competitors use them, and they really do drive traffic to stores. As the mobile phone is quickly becoming the hub of engagement, delivering offers to a consumer’s mobile device only makes sense. For retailers Read More

Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates and Revenue Soar for Retailers Using CodeBroker’s Mobile Marketing Software
January 20, 2015

Significant incremental revenue and increased customer loyalty just two of the major benefits realized by CodeBroker customers Belmont, MA, January 20, 2015 – CodeBroker, developer of mobile marketing solutions for retailers, today revealed its customers are seeing redemption rates for mobile coupons that far exceed industry averages, some as high as 50 percent. A recent Read More

10 Reasons Why SMS is a Great Mobile Marketing Tool for Retailers

Mobile Marketing Tool for Retailers #1. Permission-based. Consumers who sign-up for a retailer’s SMS marketing list really want to start a dialog with the retailer. First, the consumer must text-in a keyword to the retailer’s shortcode or in other words, opt-in to the retailer’s SMS marketing list. Second, the consumer must confirm their wish to Read More

The Value of Mobile: Drive Increased Revenue

Drive Increased Revenue for Retailers with Mobile Coupons Based on recent findings, there is no doubt that mobile coupons drive increased revenue and customer engagement for retailers. CodeBroker’s in-depth analysis of our retail customer’s mobile coupon promotions and associated redemption rates show significant payback to retailers who implement a thoughtful mobile coupon strategy. Specifically, CodeBroker Read More