Text Message Marketing Software: Why it Works for Retailers

Text Message Marketing Software: 10 Reasons Why SMS Marketing Works for Retailers

#1. SMS List Sign-Up is Permission-based.

Consumers who sign-up for a retailer’s text message marketing list really want to start a dialog with the retailer. First, the consumer must text-in a keyword to the retailer’s shortcode or in other words, opt-in to the retailer’s SMS marketing list. Second, the consumer must confirm their wish to receive promotion text messages and SMS coupons from the retailer. Lastly, the retailer has to provide a means for the consumer to easily opt-out of the SMS marketing list at any time.

#2. Promotion Text Messages Work for Acquisition.

Using text message marketing software to send promotion text messages, a CodeBroker retail customer was able to add an average of 10,000 names per day to their text message marketing list over a three- to four-month time period. Several days the retailer saw over 25,000 sign-ups. Consumers clicked-through from a link in the promotion text message to a mobile web form to complete the sign-up process. By doing so, the retailer collected a full CRM record from new subscribers. Unique to CodeBroker is a behind-the-scenes security model that prevents customers from signing up multiple times to receive a generous sign-up offer.

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#3. Consumers are Highly Accessible.

2014 was the year we crossed the chasm where there were more mobile devices than people on the planet. According to GSMA’s real-time tracker, there are over 7.22 billion mobile devices compared to 7.19 people (US Census Bureau). Because mobile devices are personal, people keep their phone with them at all times and are constantly checking it for messages, emails, updates, etc. – making text message marketing software the perfect mobile marketing tool for a retailer to stay connected to their customers.

#4. Text Message Marketing is Immediate.

97% of people look at a text message within the first three minutes of receiving it. There are no other marketing channels that can claim an open rate of this magnitude. In addition, CodeBroker has observed that 20-50% of consumers click on a link in in promotion text messages to view mobile coupons. Some retailers have experienced click-thru rates on their promotion text messages as high as 72%.

#5. They get Right to the Point.

Marketers only have 160 characters to get their message across. If the retailer is delivering SMS coupons, the marketing message is even shorter if a link to the SMS coupons is included are the promotion text message. Promotion text messages put good copywriters to the test as the marketing message needs to be succinct and clever. But with a well-worded promotion text message, a sense of urgency can be created driving increased redemptions for SMS coupons.

#6. Promotion Text Messages are Interactive.

Text message marketing software is a great mobile marketing tool for retailers to engage with their customers. In addition to sending promotion text messages messages and SMS coupons, many retailers using text message marketing software develop promotions such as text-to-win, sweepstakes and voting in order to add variety and fun to the communication mix.

#7. Text Message Marketing Software Enables Retailer Responsiveness.

One of the best features of using text message marketing software is the ability for retailers to react instantly. Promotions can be set-up and sent to customers within a matter of minutes letting retailers be super responsive to the market. For example, promotion text messages CodeBroker retail customers have deployed include special discounts to move inventory that is not selling, reminder messages for an upcoming special event, or contingency offers to drive in-store traffic that are triggered at the last minute.

#8. Promotion Text Messages are Trackable.

A retailer can see how many times a customer has viewed a promotion text messages as well as when the offer was redeemed and at which location providing visibility into the complete path to purchase. And, with CodeBroker’s single-use coupons, coupon fraud and liability are greatly reduced as each customer receives and can redeem only one mobile coupon regardless of the number of times they view it.

#9. Proven ROI.

Based on recent findings, there’s no question retailer’s realize a significant return on their investment using text message marketing software. For just pennies a message sent, CodeBroker’s text message marketing software has helped retailers drive millions of dollars in incremental revenue per month for a single text message marketing promotion.

#10. Promotion Text Messages Amplify Other Programs.

Another interesting finding in a recent analysis of retailer’s using CodeBroker’s text message marketing software is that exceptional revenue results are realized when promotion text messages are layered with additional channels and coupled with reminder messages.

If you’re just beginning the process of evaluating text message marketing software as a marketing channel, we recommend you work with a solutions provider. There are many benefits to working with a text message marketing software provider. First, a provider will provide an easy-to-use web portal that will save you time when launching new programs and running reports. Second, account management/assistance becomes more important as your message volumes increase. A text message marketing software provider who has a lot of experience working with large retailers will ensure your campaigns run smoothly and the messages conform to current guidelines and policies allowing you to focus on creative ways to use a mobile marketing tool to engage with your customers.